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5 Organic Lunchbox Snacks

5 Organic Lunchbox Snacks

With the hustle and bustle of the morning routine, it can be a challenge putting together quick and easy lunch snacks that will give you and your family sustained energy throughout the afternoon. Move away from the processed treats and choose from these fun and delicious, yet healthy organic alternatives that you and your kids will love! 1. Strawberry Banana Squeeze Chia Squeeze Vitality Snacks combine organic chia seeds with fresh strawberries and bananas to create a refreshing treat on the go that naturally provides energy and vitality. It is dairy, wheat and gluten free, and is a great source of fibre. 2. Chocolate Chip Energy Bar A cookie-lover's dream come true. These energy bars have a great flavour and are made with organic rolled oats. They’re also full of protein along with 23 vitamins and minerals, keeping you in fighting spirit until dinner time. 3. Gummy Bears Snack Pack It sounds too good to be true but these are natural, organic lollies - perfect for a Friday treat. They contain no high-fructose corn syrup and are free of artificial flavors or sweeteners. Instead, they are drenched in fresh fruit flavors and each pack (25g) provides 100% of your Daily Vitamin C requirementsgummi-bears-1317679 4. Rice Cakes Rice cakes are a fantastic, crispy alternative to bread that you can enjoy with your favourite spread or topping. Made from organic whole brown rice, these will satisfy the largest of appetites. See here for topping inspiration. 5. (Certified Organic) Dried Mango Try these delicious sun-dried mango pieces which are chewy and full of flavour. Dried fruit is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, as well as phenolic antioxidants, which have numerous health benefits. To see the full range of AOP organic snacks, click here.
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