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Top 10 Health Foods to Stock in Your Pantry

Top 10 Health Foods to Stock in Your Pantry

Meal planning can be a daunting task if you are not a nutritionist or professional chef. Sometimes what we think of as next food to eat can be delicious but lacking in the nutrients that our bodies truly need. So to help you with this, we have compiled our top 10 health foods to stock in your pantry. Click on the links to learn more about these foods. Enjoy! fresh-coconut-water-fb 10. Coconut water Now on our 10th spot is coconut water. This is a little bit sweet and perfect for your kidney's health. dark-chocolate2 9. Dark chocolate Did you know that dark chocolate is actually good for you, especially if the sugar levels are low? Chaidim Flax Seeds 8. Flaxseeds Flax seeds are rich in dietary fibre and protein. It must be grinded first when eating. Chia-seeds 7. Chia seeds Chia is close to flax seeds in terms of nutrients, but chia overtakes flax in terms of it as a complete protein and higher levels of phosphorus, calcium, and fibre. How Does Noni Juice Weight Loss Work 6. Noni juice Landing on our 6th place is Noni Juice - the juice that will give you a good mood! Acai-Berry-Super-Fruit 5. Acai berry Now this berry is so potent, it's antioxidants content is more than other berries like Goji, blueberries, and red grapes. 1168383.large 4. Superberries Who wouldn't love a juice full of berries! I bet you'd drink this even if you didn't know it's super healthy. coconut_oil 3. Coconut oil Coconut, which you've seen on our top 10 spot also landed a 3rd spot on our countdown. Coconut oil can be used for cooking, ingesting, for hair, and many more! supergreens 2. Supergreens Top 2 includes a combination of different green leafy vegetables perfect for days  if your missing leafy greens in your meals. Not all the time we have greens in our menu right? Superfoods 1. Top 12 Superfoods You might be wondering why our top 1 pick is another "Top 12". Exactly! It's because our top 1 pick is a combination of 12 Superfoods! This is like multivitamins, but even better.
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