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Delivery from just $8.49 - Orders over $159.00 FREE*

ACURE Organic Baby All Better Balm 50ml


Type: Baby

The ACURE Organic Baby All Better Balm 50 ml pack is a quick-fix-balm for whatever might be irritating you or your baby's skin. This balm from Acure soothes and heals with the help of organic olive and coconut oils. Perfect for just about any problem you can think of! Yes, you read it right. It absolutely works for both adults and children. We are glad to say you found an extra ordinary product with a quick fix that works for all ages.
Acure's line of baby products are made with all-natural, food grade ingredients, safe for your baby's sensitive skin. Protect and nourish your little ones, inside and out, with the most wholesome ingredients available. It is 100% pediatrician approved and all its components are 100% biodegradable. Save yourself from quick trips to the pediatrician by trying this balm. Acure Organics wants to help eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals in cosmetics and help educate them on the benefits of food-grade, organic ingredients.This balm does not have petrochemicals or animal by-products which are mostly found on leading brands in the market. So be wise and start patronizing Acure's products.
Among its soothing ingredients are Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Beeswax and Organic Coconut Oil. Say hello to a chemical free balm made of only the finest ingredients. You are guaranteed to get value for your hard earned money.
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