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Delivery from just $8.49 - Orders over $159.00 FREE*

ALTER ECO Organic Black Truffles w Dark Chocolate (Tub of 60)


Type: Chocolate

Bring home or gift to your loved one this large tub of 60 black truffles with organic dark chocolate. Made from Ecuadorian cacao beans and pure organic coconut oil sourced from the state of Kerala, India, this delightful treat offers a savory experience of chocolate packed in with healthy and allergy free ingredients.

The organic black truffle comes with a smooth textured center filled with nourishing coconut oil and cacao. This Alter Eco chocolate tub consists of 60 such mouth-watering delights with an added flavor of organic dark chocolate.

Now stay happy by eating allergy free chocolates, made specifically by keeping in mind the needs of dairy, gluten and GMO intolerant people. You can now enjoy to the core and indulge fully in the incredible taste of chocolate and truffle with our Alter Eco black truffles with dark chocolate.
• Fair Trade Certified
• GMO free
• Dairy Free
• Gluten Free
• Contains 60 chocolates of 12 gm each
• Ideal for vegans and vegetarians

Healthy ingredients of Organic Black Truffles w Organic Dark Chocolate:
Pure coconut Oil, cacao beans, cane sugar, , coconut oil, cocoa butter, caramel flavor, whole milk powder, vanilla beans Cocoa: 53 % minimum. Organic ingredients: 99.93% Fair trade certified ingredients: 97% Compostable wrappers!

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