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February Clearance Sale - Massive Savings Of Up To 60% OFF >>
February Clearance Sale - Massive Savings Of Up To 60% OFF >>

AMAZONIA RAW - Slim & Tone Organic Protein Cacao & Macadamia - 1kg

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Amazonia brings the ideal weight loss supplement that contains a range of ingredients loaded with health-boosting proteins and essential nutrients. It is infused with energizing herbs that fill up the body and give it vitality and nourishment. One of its main components is cacao, which is a true health miracle gifted by nature. Cacao is a highly useful and beneficial product that contains essential dietary fibre, regulates cardiovascular activity and blood pressure, and improves mood as well as mind. Another key ingredient is macadamia, a natural health booster containing vital proteins, energy and fibre.

The supplement contains unique combinations of energy-dense ingredients like sprouted protein blend, nutrient-filled greens and organic herbs and spices; the Slim & Tone Protein fully lives up to its name. This supplement helps to energize the body and reduces the fat content in the system, thereby boosting overall health. Laden with nutrients, the supplement leaves the user feeling full for longer and reduces the need for binge eating or untimely snacks, which are a major reason for weight gain. In addition to cacao and macadamia, the Slim & Tone Protein contains extracts of lentils, sea minerals, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, liquorice, ginger, lemon juice and natural vanilla for an all-rounded supplement. This top ranging weight tonic is not just effective but delicious and palatable as well. It helps in reducing caloric content and regulates internal and physical functioning of the body. Overall, the Amazonia Slim & Tone Protein keeps the body trim, shapely and fit.

- 100% organic
- Nutrient-rich to keep you satisfied for longer
- Sugar free
- Low carbohydrate content
- Bio-fermented protein content
- Tastes delicious; has a creamy flavour
- Combats harmful bacteria
- All-natural supplement
- GMO, Gluten and Soy free
- Vegan and alkalising

Essential ingredients of Amazonia Slim & Tone Protein Cacao & Macadamia 1kg Sprouted Protein Blend (28.3g) Nutrient-dense greens blend (850mg) Herb & Spice digestive bacteria blend (490mg) Raw cacao and cocoa bean blend Macadamia blend (290mg).