ANDALOU NATURALS - Apricot Probiotic Organic Cleansing Milk 178ml



ANDALOU NATURALS age defying cleansing milk consists of Apricot oil and is a unique blend of everything your skin needs. It is made up of complex fruit stem cells that regenerate the skin by replacing damaged and dead cells. The improved cell production sustains a healthy glow. When removing makeup, it cleans out all skin impurities. It is a non-soapy product with a balanced pH. Buy organic cleansing milk online that gently removes any impurities present on the face and restores any moisture lost.

The age defying cleansing milk stimulates healthy production of cells. It is an organic product, which provides antioxidants that oxygenate and hydrate cells by increasing the absorption of essential nutrients. This increases the overall vitality and freshness of the skin. This product exfoliates by removing dead cell impurities from the deeper layers of the skin. It also acts as a sun block with an SPF of 18 that keeps your skin protected and moisturised throughout the day.


- 178 ml
- Hydrates dull skin
- Prevents premature aging
- Suitable for hyper sensitive skin
- Repairs old skin cells
- Regenerates skin cells
- Is gluten free - anti-allergic
- Contains no preservatives
- Works best on dry and sensitive skin types
- Made from age defying apricot fruit stems
- Has a balanced pH
- Vegetarian free
- Cruelty free
- Free of sulphates and phthalates
- Is SPF 18

Essential ingredients of ANDALOU NATURALS - Age Defying for Dry & Sensitive Skin:

Barbadensis juice, sunflower oil, almond milk, apricot oil, vegetable glycerine, fruit stem cells, mango butter, buchu oil and orange oil.

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