ANDALOU NATURALS Organic Deep Wrinkle Dermal Filler 18ml



The Deep Wrinkle Dermal Organic Filler is an intense age defying product by Andalou Naturals with a unique blend of cell stems of fruits, bio active complexes and aloe Vera. This winkle dermal filler is a formula for a youthful looking skin that helps in soothing inflammation. Buy organic filler online and helps the skin stay oxygenated and hydrated due to the essential nutrients like jojoba oil, fruit stem cells, and many more such natural and organic ingredients.

The age defying dermal filler advances dermal delivery and absorption of active ingredients. The ingredients help in maintaining the elasticity, vitality and firmness of the skin. The complexion remains even with a clear decrease of pigmentation and marks. It tightens the skin improving its texture. It slows down the cellular damage, boosts the production of collagen in the facial muscles. The fine lines and wrinkles are reduced by filling up, also giving a smooth and even skin texture. One can use it directly on the lines and marks on the forehead, mouth, cheeks and chin. You can use the dermal filler even before applying makeup and it is suggested that you thoroughly moisturize your skin after using it.


- 18 ml
- Renews cellular tissues
- Repairs damaged skin cells
- Regenerates strong cellular tissues
- Qualified as an organic product
- Balances skin pH
- Hypo-allergenic
- Gluten free
- Preservative free
- No Sulphates present
- Suitable for vegans
- Wrinkle filler
Essential ingredients of ANDALOU NATURALS - Age Defying
Barbadensis juice, glycerin, cocoa butter, fruit stem cells, lauric acid, jojoba oil, hydrolyzed myrtle extract, magnesium phosphate, tocopherol, cupuacu butter, guar gum, BioActive 8 Berry complex, hyaluronic acid, roobois extract and white tea extracts.
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