BLUE DINOSAUR PALEO BARS - Organic Wild Apricot Paleo Snack Bar - Box of 12


Type: Energy

Enjoy the fruityflavour of Wild Apricot while enjoying the many health benefits of the allergy free ingredients present in the Blue Dinosaur Wild Apricot snack bar. Recently released by Blue Dinosaur, this paleo snack bar has won the hearts of many people by its flavours. The taste of the bar is quite similar to the ANZAC biscuit along with the added sweetness of Ginger. This yummy snack acts as a savior when you are craving for food and require something to pep you up with high energy content.

The ingredients present in the organic paleo snack bar are allergy free as the bar is free from diary, soy, gluten, preservatives, and artificial colours and flavours. Whether you are a Paleo enthusiast, a vegan or a vegetarian who wants to eat healthy with tongue tickling flavours, this delicious blue dinosaur snack bar with five real food contents will delight you with its health benefits and deliciousness.

• No artificial ingredients
• Wild Apricots
• No preservatives
• Gluten and diary free
• No added sugar
• Vegan, paleo and vegetarian friendly
• Full of potassium
• Box of 12 snack bars of 45 gm each

The scrumptious and healthy ingredients of BLUE DINOSAUR PALEO BARS - Organic Wild Apricot Paleo Snack Bar - Box of 12 - 12x45g

Sulfer free organic Turkish apricots, ginger, organic coconut oil, almonds, sulfer free organic coconut

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