Conscious Chocolate Block Chocolate Intense 75% Organic Raw Vegan 50g

Our raw, hand-made chocolate is certified as organic, vegetarian and vegan - and it is free from gluten, dairy and soya - with a low gi and gl and only sweetened with agave nectar. The stimulating brain power bar, made with organic vanilla. Cacao solids 75%. The darkest of the Conscious range with 75% cacao solids. This is a sophisticated bar with a touch of vanilla.

Vanilla contains vanilloids which improve mental performance, a fact well known by the ancient aztecs. Can help with morning sickness and acts as an aphrodisiac.;Organic Raw Cacao is a rich source of the stimulant theobromine making our bars naturally uplifting without any of the lows of caffine or refined sugars. Each bar is packed full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and essential amino acids. Eating Conscious Chocolate can promote brain function and memory and help repress your appetite. Our chocolate is a a health giving beauty food, that will enhance feelings of love. Conscious Chocolate is healthy heavenly chocolate.


Certified Organic;Dairy Free;Egg Free;Ethically Sourced;Fructose Free;Gluten Free;GMO Free;Lactose;Low GI;Low Gluten;No Added Sugar;No Artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives;No Synthetic Fragrances or Colours;Peanut Free;Petrochemical Free;Raw;Source of Fibre;Source of Protein;Soy Free;Sulfate Free;Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil;Vegan;Vegetarian;Wheat Free


Ingredients:Cacao powder, cacao butter, and agave nectar, coconut butter, vanilla, cinnamon and Himalayan salt. Cacao solids 75% minimum.

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