EAGLE SUPREME HEALTH Raspberry Ketones VegeCaps 60


Raspberry Ketones are the aromatic compound found in raspberries, which research has shown to be highly beneficial in weight loss and weight management. However, the concentration required to harness these benefits is such that you would have to eat thousands of raspberries. Raspberry Ketones provide the requisite concentration to receive these benefits. The way Raspberry Ketones aid weight loss and management is three-fold:Raspberry Ketones increase the levels of the hormone Adiponectin produced in the bodys fat cells, which assists the body in the utilisation of glucose. The hormone has several other benefits, including a decreased risk of diabetes and cardio-vascular disease, in addition to having anti-inflammatory propertiesRaspberry Ketones assist Hormone Sensitive Lipase (an enzyme that lives within our fat cells) breakdown triglycerides in fat cells into Free Fatty Acids, enabling fat to be more efficiently and quickly utilised.Raspberry Ketones decrease the amount of fat that can enter the fat cell (and thus be stored there).The benefits of Raspberry Ketones are best harnessed by coupling them with a healthy diet (minimal processing and a reduced fat and sugar intakes) and regular exercise (half an hour, three times a week).

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  • 175mg Raspberry Ketones + 175mg African Mango + 50mg Green Tea + 50mg Coffee Arabica Seed (Green Coffee)

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  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan Friendly

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