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Delivery from just $8.49 - Orders over $159.00 FREE*

ECO KID Organic Head Lice Bomb 60ml



ECO KID Head Lice Bomb - 60ml

Apology to entomologists.

We are not being mean to head lice... we're nice people... we just don't like them taking a ride on us.

Created from pure plant essences, that are exceptionally gentle on kids, Lice Bomb is an eco-balanced formula that aids in the removal of head lice and their eggs.

Lice Bomb contains 100% pure essential oils that aids with the removal of head lice and their eggs. These natural solvent oils smell nice to us but not nice for lice.

Lice Bomb uses natural terpenes and hydrocarbons from high grade essential oils that can normally be ingested safely by humans but have higher solvent powers than chemical paint thinners.

Lice Bomb is free of artificial preservatives, fragrance or colouring and is proudly readily biodegradable and waterway friendly. Due to its plant derived origins, Lice Bomb is non-toxic to humans when used in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

This product is sulphate free, certified organic and is suitable for vegetarians.