FOUR LEAF Organic Egyptian Gold Flour 1kg

Four Leaf

Type: Flour

Egyptian Gold Flour is derived from the ancient khorasan wheat thought to have been found in an Egyptian tomb. Gavin was given 6 grains over 30 years ago, which he promptly planted in the vegie garden. These grew well, so they were planted in subsequent years. It has been such an interesting process and we have learned so much from the exercise. The wheat grows about 30 to 60cm taller than normal varieties and has a beautiful black beard. It is very striking in appearance. The grain is nearly twice the size of normal wheat and we believe that the modern Durum Wheat is developed from this wheat.

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Four Leaf Egyptian Gold Flour produces a high protein flour and has a sweet, nutty flavour and is excellent for pasta and bread.


Wholemeal Flour, milled from an ancient Egyptian grain. Sweet nutty flavour it has similar properties to Spelt and can be tolerated by many people with wheat sensitivities. High in protein, it is ideal for bread making and fruitcakes etc.


100% Organic, Biodynamic Khorasan Wheat. - Product of Australia

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