FOUR LEAF Organic Mung Beans 5kg

Four Leaf

Type: Beans

Organic Mung Beans can be sprouted to produce bean sprouts, which contain Vitamin C not found in the dry bean. Ideal for salads or add to soups and casseroles or make into a mung dahl.

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The mung bean, alternatively known as the moong bean, green gram, is a plant species in the legume family. The mung bean used as an ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes.

Suggested Use

Mung beans are delicious and versatile beans that can be added to virtually any savory recipe. Either sprout the mung beans to make a fresh, crunchy treat or boil them to create a hearty stew.

Mung bean sprouts can be added to:

  • sandwiches
  • salads
  • stir fries
  • noodle dishes
Cooked mung beans can be:
  • seasoned and eaten as a stew
  • added to curries, casseroles and soups
  • used as a substitute in other bean recipes.

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