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Delivery from just $8.49 - Orders over $159.00 FREE*

Kialla Linseed Organic 5kg


Type: Bulk

We're excited! Kialla Linseed Organic 5kg is brand new to our range.
A detailed description will be added shortly, but if you prefer to skip the fuss because you already know how GREAT this product is, then buy it now.
If you're an eager beaver and can't wait to find out more have a look through the following unedited (messy) product information.
Product features of: Kialla Linseed Organic 5kg
Certified Organic;GMO Free
Certified organic brown linseeds, GMO and chemical free.
Product benefits :Linseeds are a rich source of dietary fibre and have a high oil content, which consists of approximately 69% polyunsaturated and 21% mono-unsaturated fatty acid. They are cholesterol free and can be stored for long periods of time without losing any nutritional value.
Product unedited description:Whole dark brown organic linseed (Flaxseeds).
Ingredients:Organic Linseed

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