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Kialla Popcorn Organic 5kg


Category: Kialla, Organic, Popcorn

Type: Bulk

We're excited! Kialla Popcorn Organic 5kg is brand new to our range.
A detailed description will be added shortly, but if you prefer to skip the fuss because you already know how GREAT this product is, then buy it now.
If you're an eager beaver and can't wait to find out more have a look through the following unedited (messy) product information.
Product features of: Kialla Popcorn Organic 5kg
Certified Organic;GMO Free
The whole popcorn kernel is a particular variety of corn with a high hard-starch content that "explodes" through the hull when heated. It gives excellent popping results.
Product benefits :An ideal alternative to high fat snacks.
Product unedited description:Organic popcorn, to enjoy at any time of the day.
Ingredients:Organic Corn Popcorn

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