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LifeStream Natural Selenium

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Selenium, like most trace elements and minerals, is not evenly distributed in the world’s soil. Many parts of New Zealand and Australian soils are known to be selenium deficient, therefore our food may be lacking this essential trace element. Selenium is necessary for antioxidant protection, and optimum immune and thyroid function. It also plays a role in fertility by supporting healthy egg and sperm production.

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The high selenium yeast used in Lifestream Natural Selenium is not a pathogenic or active yeast so it does not cause or feed Candida or other yeast infections. After the incorporation of the selenium into the yeast, the yeast is pasteurized and dried with no active yeast present in the end product.

Available in 30 Veg Capsules and 90 Veg Capsules

Key Benefits

  • Suitable For Vegetarians


  • High selenium yeast 83mg, equivalent selenium 100mcg.

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