NATTRITION Organic Probiotic Food for Woman 150g


NATTRITION Probiotic Food Organic Woman - 150g

Organic Woman was developed to meet the nutritional needs of women, to increase the nutrient uptake and supply probiotics not found in processed foods.

Made from 100% Natural Organic Foods; Organic Woman is a Fermented Probiotic Food and an all Natural Source of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Enzymes.Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly Probiotic Food.

Ingredients -100% Natural

Organic Woman does not contain a single manmade vitamin, synthetic mineral, chemical, preservative, filler, binder or extract.

Wholefoods - All Ingredients Are 100 % Certified Organic
- Spirulina
- Adzuki Beans
- chick Peas
- Mung Beans
- Red Lentils
- Pomegranate
- Chia Seeds
- Quinoa
- Sunflower Kernels
- Dandelion Root
- Goji Berries
- Queen Garnet Plum
- Sweet Potato
- Alfalfa Seed
- Cinnamon
- Beetroot
- Broccolli
- Cabbage
- Parsley
- Spinach
- Molasses

Product of Australia

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