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February Clearance Sale - Massive Savings Of Up To 60% OFF >>
February Clearance Sale - Massive Savings Of Up To 60% OFF >>

PLANET ORGANIC Spices Organic Cinnamon 1kg

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This certified organic cinnamon spice is made in Sri Lanka. Amongst all these Spices from PLANET ORGANIC, Cinnamon is a sweet, mild spice used in spiced cakes and cookies. Organic cinnamon can also be served with various fruits, like apples. It is also a delectable addition in many desserts like apple pies and cereals. The common reason why organic cinnamon is the best choice is because it offers flavour and several health benefits. It is especially good for people with cholesterol problems as the product is known to control high cholesterol levels. Several Spices such as Cinnamon regulates the body’s blood sugar level and this is why it is especially healthy for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Buy organic cinammon online from Planet Organic and make your cakes, cookies, and other dishes healthier and tastier.
Cinnamon has the ability to fight yeast infections that render medicine ineffective. It is another organic way for people to reduce the propagation of cancers like leukaemia and lymphoma. People with thicker blood can consume this product as it prevents blood from clotting. Organic cinnamon offers even more health benefits. It has been used by old people and athletes to cure muscle pain. A small quantity of cinnamon mixed with honey when consumed with breakfast is known to significantly reduce arthritis pains within a week. It even allows people to walk again within a month. Organic cinnamon helps the human mind by enhancing its memory and cognitive function. Its effectiveness lies in its nutritional components that include manganese, iron, fibre, and calcium.

- 1kg
- Organic
- GMO Free
- Gluten Free
- Dairy Free
- No Fillers
- Additives free
- Economy Pack
- Free Container BPA
- Can be consumed by Vegetarians and Vegans
- ACO certified

About The Brand:

Planet Organic creates products that aid in people’s everyday health. Thus, they produce pantry items of high quality organically. Some of the products include organic teas and delicious organic jams among several others.

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