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POWER SUPER FOODS Organic Cacao Beans - The Origin Series 250g


Type: Superfood

POWER SUPER FOODS Cacao Beans The Origin Series 250g

Cacao beans are the seeds of an Amazonian fruiting tree (theobroma cacao – meaning "The Food of the Gods") and source of all chocolate and cocoa products. The Mexican Mayan kings drank up to 30 pure chocolate drinks a day to maintain their vigour and valued the bean so highly that it was used as money. Our raw Beans are from the best tasting premium criollo variety.

Features of Power Super Foods Cacao Beans The Origin Series:
Organic, Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free, Fairly Traded

Suggested Uses:

Peel (optional) then eat as is, lightly roast (optional) and grind with coffee, or crush and add to smoothies, ice cream, muesli, cookie batter or trail mix, or substitute in dessert recipes for chocolate chips.

Power Super Foods sustainably cultivated cacao products are grown without chemical fertilisers and are non-genetically modified. Our Peruvian supplier is Fair Trade certified – supporting rather than exploiting economically disadvantaged farmers preventing poverty cycles that can lead to environmental devastation.

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