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POWER SUPER FOODS Organic Goji Berries "The Origin Series" 250g

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There are countless health benefits that Goji Organic Berries by POWER SUPER FOODS has to offer. These are “The Origin Series” Berries, also called the Gou Qi Zi or the Chinese Wolfberry. The product is grown abundantly on plants that can grow more than 6m in lenght. The berries are grown in the Goji Triangle on valleys and hills located in Tibet, Mongolia and Northern China. Goji Organic Berries are refreshing and energy-filled. They are the healthiest Lycium-rich fruit. Buy SUPER FOODS Goji Berries online and look forward to a healthier you!
The product tastes like cherries and can be a very healthy snack for children and for adults. The product is rich in several minerals, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. It is also a wholesome protein formula and a good anti-oxidant. The product can be utilized in shakes, salads, bakery items and even in tea.


- 250g
- Certified to be Organic
- Healthy snack food
- Loaded with nutrients
- Filled with antioxidants
- Gluten free
- Dairy free
- Vegan friendly
- Suitable for vegetarians
- Contains 21 minerals
- Rich in Vitamin C and A
- Rich in proteins

About The Brand:

Power Super Foods’ products are organic, vegan, raw, Low GI, fairly traded, and gluten and dairy free. The brand is known to create organic farming communities for people all over the world. The products are created from traditional plants. The main focus of the products is providing energy. This world renowned Australian brand specializes in organic foods that provide a high level of energy. The products are efficiently suitable for individuals who are conscious about their lifestyle and want to live a healthy and traditional lifestyle. Their nutrient-rich foods are healthy as they are free from artificial preservatives or colours, and free of synthetic flavourings or additives.

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