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SALT OF THE EARTH Fine Sea Salt (Celtic) 250g

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Fine ground salt is made from a special variety of BFA Certified Celtic Sea Salt. The Fine Ground is manufactured under strict quality control to ensure that the naturally high mineral content of the coarse variety is not lost. Needless to say, Salt of the Earth's manufacturing process is a closely guarded secret, which is why the product is the Number One on the Market! This fine ground variety is convenient and easy to use for table or cooking. The original Salt of the Earth's fine ground maintains the natural sparkle of all the essential minerals and trace elements found in 100% fully mineralized sea salt.

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  • BFA Certified
  • Naturally high mineral content
  • Dissolves easily

Salty Facts

  1. It's no secret that salt was once used as currency, which is why it's the base of the word "salary." Neat, huh?
  2. Ever wonder why you see professional chefs using their fingers to season foods with salt? Pinching salt is in fact a more tactile and reliable way of measuring salt intuitively rather than pouring the crystals from a box or canister.
  3. Salt is regularly used in sweet applications to enhance flavour. Don't believe us? Make some sparkling honey lemonade in citrus-salt rimmed glasses and you'll become a believer.
  4. Consider replacing iodized fine salt with a more pure coarse salt such as kosher salt. Place a small bowl of it near the stove to measure out with your fingers. You'll consume less sodium and your food will taste better.
  5. Exotic salts like Hawaiian black and red salts get their colour from the addition of ground coral, clay or lava.

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100% fully mineralized sea salt.