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BLACK FRIDAY 2020 SALE EVENT - Starting From Today
BLACK FRIDAY 2020 SALE EVENT - Starting From Today

SUVANA Organic Lip Balm Paw Paw & Honey 7g

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SUVANA presents Paw Paw & Honey Organic Lip Balm that is a miracle healer. This Organic Lip Balm is made from 100% natural ingredients and is free from petroleum jelly, all kinds of synthetic preservatives, aromatic chemicals or pungent fragrances. Buy SUVANA Lip Balm online, made of Iactive ingredients that provide the lip skin cells with all the essential ingredients required to keep them looking rosy, healthy and supple. Above all, the product is not only made for the lips.
Because of its active properties, it can be used to treat all kinds of skin sores and rashes. It can be used on children to cure their diaper rashes, scratches, cuts, sores, rough elbows and works greatly as a cuticle cream. It is also an effective night cream that will help prevent soreness of the eyes and minimize dark circles and eye bags. You can place it on your sink or carry it in your purse and apply when needed. The Organic Lip Balm is an absolute must-have.

- 7gm
- Certified as Organic
- Can be used to cure bites, scratches and itches
- Can be used to soften cracked skin
- It is free from Petrochemicals and Petroleum Jelly
- It is free from Synthetic Preservatives
- Made in Australia
- Can be used on nappy rashes, scratches, cuts and sores.
- Can be used on rough elbows
- Is an effective cuticle cream
- Can be used as a night cream
- Natural preservative
- Suitable for normal, oily, dry, mature, sensitive and combination skin

Essential Ingredients of SUVANA – Organic Lip Balm Paw Paw & Honey:

Castor seed oil, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, papaya extract, paw paw extract, jojoba oil, honey, vanilla bean oil, candilia wax, carrot seed oil, stevia extract and vitamin E.

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