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True Blue Organic Eucalyptus Oil 200ml Bottle


Type: Healing

True Blue Organic Eucalyptus Oil 200ml Bottle

Eucalyptus is native to Australia, but today can be found growing in subtropical regions worldwide. One of the first recorded medicinal uses of Eucalyptus was by the Australian aborigines, who not only extracted valuable water from its roots, but used its leaves to relieve fevers. It has been reported that historically people were able to successfully treat and cure fever using Eucalyptus leaves.

The primary active constituent in eucalyptus leaves is the volatile oil eucalyptol. For eucalyptus to provide an effective expectorant and antiseptic action, the volatile oil should contain at least 70% eucalyptol. Eucalyptus oil has been compared to menthol because it acts on receptors in the nasal mucosa, which help to alleviate nasal congestion.

Side Effects

Eucalyptus supplementation is inadvisable for young children, pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding, and anyone with low blood pressure, kidney problems, stomach problems, intestinal or biliary inflammation, or liver disorders. Insulin-dependent diabetics should carefully monitor blood sugar since eucalyptus may affect blood sugar levels.

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