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REDUCED or FREE Delivery* - Just buy 1x AOP Chia or Quinoa 2kg bag!
REDUCED or FREE Delivery* - Just buy 1x AOP Chia or Quinoa 2kg bag!

ZEN GREEN TEA Traditional Matcha Utensil Bamboo Whisk

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Zen Green Tea's Bamboo Whisk, Scoop & Matcha Set is the perfect matcha gift or starter package. The Bamboo Matcha Whisk and Scoop are the traditional utensils to portion and whisk your matcha powder into a beautiful, smooth tea. Our Bamboo Whisks (also known as chasen) and Scoops are hand carved, made from a single piece of bamboo, feature 100 prongs and are very durable.
Bamboo whisks deliver an enhanced matcha experience because they allow you to fully suspend the matcha tea and therefore you will enjoy a smoother well mixed matcha.

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  • Increases energy
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Cancer prevention
  • Supports the immune system
  • Increases concentration

Suggested Use

Pour hot, not boiling water (approximately 100mls) into your bowl and whisk your matcha in a W pattern. You will need to whisk quickly to form a creamy froth.

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