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The Legend of Santa Clause

The Legend of Santa Clause

With Christmas less than 20 days away it's time to get into the festive mood!

What better way to do this than read about some Christmas legends and rituals all over the world:

In Europe the 6th of December is the day of St. Nicholas. 

In German and Austrian tradition children clean their shoes the night before and put them outside, hoping that in the morning St. Nicholas has filled them up with some candy, fruits and nuts. It would be sweets and other goodies for the nice children and a dirty branch for the naughty ones!

Obviously, the dirty branch, brought by St. Nicholas' companion Knecht Ruprecht, is the parent helping part with the naughty kids...

Naughty or nice sounds familiar?

It is said that Santa Clause is actually based on the legends of the good hearted and very giving Saint Nicholas.

'Père Nöel in France, Father Christmas in the UK, the later "Christkind" in Germany and Austria, Papai Noel in Brazil, Joulupukki in Finland or Mikulas in Hungary, the stories of St. Nicholas are what formed them.

Nicholas, a wealthy man by birth, gave his money to the poor and cared for those in need. The story that made him a Saint is the one about a father and his three daughters. Nicholas secretly put three bags of gold through the familys window, each for one daughter, to make sure they have a dowry and could get married.

His kindness made him a Saint.

Secretly giving presents, naughty and nice lists, all that sounds quite familiar.
Santa Claus arrives on his sleigh, eight reindeers in front and brings the children gifts secretly through the night.

Everyone loves to receive a thoughtful gift and to be honest, we usually get a lot more out of the presents we are gifting. Putting thoughts into the perfect gift for weeks, sometimes months - if you want to find a stress free way, read our last post here - it's totally worth it when we see their genuine, happy and grateful reaction.

We should keep the legends of Saint Nicholas, his kindness, his caring alive and make the time of Christmas into one for sharing and being mindful. There is enough to stress about out there in the world, let's make this time as peaceful and mindful as we can.

Team AOP wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas.

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