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Quinoa – The mother of all grains

Quinoa – The mother of all grains

Known as a golden supplement the Incas used Quinoa over 3000 years ago.
With its high nutrient content of whole protein, vitamins and minerals Organic Quinoa is the perfect addition to a healthy meal.

First things first, when we start talking about Quinoa one question always pops up: “How do you say Quinoa?”

Okay, maybe not the most important question, but surely you have thought about it at least once while ordering or buying Quinoa. It's as simple as saying KEEN-wah. Easy as that! Now say it out loud to your heart's content. No more weird moments ordering in a restaurant.

Quinoa is a so called pseudocereal, related to spinach and amaranth, so it is not a grain at all. When talking about nutrition, we are talking about all 9 essential amino acids, so whole protein, fibre, a wide range of vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron and magnesium. Quinoa is gluten free and with its low Glycemic Index it is suited to hold that blood pressure down. 

Sounds like an easy way of a healthy and balanced diet!

AOP Quinoa Range
Apart from all the great nutritional benefits this “ancient grain” is really easy to prepare and versatile in its use.

Pop some into your smoothie, just the way it is, to use all the minerals, or add it to your baked goods. Quinoa-Banana-Muffins, sounds and tastes delicious.

Try this simple Quinoa recipe!

3 Easy Steps to cook Quinoa:

  1. Get a cup of that great tricoloured Quinoa and rinse it.
  2. Add 2 cups of water and a pinch of salt.
  3. Simmer for 15 – 20 minutes.

Now you can have it as a side dish or great alternative for rice or pasta. Otherwise try Quinoa by:

  1. Adding it to your soup for that bit of crunch.
  2. Having it for breakfast with fresh fruits, a handful of nuts or seeds and a bit of yoghurt. A great way to start your day.
  3. Make a Quinoa salad; warm or cold:

Add some veggies like tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, cut up avocado, some lemon juice and herbs and you have a great meal for that short lunch break.

What are your favourite recipes?
There are so many ways to make a healthy Quinoa meal.
Share with us your favourite ways to use it! Post below your recipes and pictures of delicious quinoa meals with us. Write it in the comments or post it on our social media.

We can't wait to get new inspiration and see your healthy way of preparing Quinoa.

To sum it up, Quinoa has all the great nutritional benefits, is easy and fast to cook and can be used for almost every dish with its mild, nutty taste. It fits perfectly into a plant based, gluten free and healthy diet. We can't find a reason not to stock up the pantry with delicious Quinoa.

We at Australian Organic Products + More have a high quality tricoloured Quinoa for all your tasty meals. Get your hands on our organic AOP Pantry Quinoa, have a look at our other great side dish alternatives and don't forget to share with us your healthy and nutritious recipes!

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