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Top 7 Gut Health Supplements on the Market

Top 7 Gut Health Supplements on the Market

Good gut health is a pillar of overall health. To maintain good overall health, your body needs to be able to digest the food you eat properly so your body can get all of the nutrients it needs to function well.

Gut health supplements come in a variety of forms and so if you're looking to start taking some but are overwhelmed by choice, keep reading! We've done some research on the best supplements for gut health, the benefits of a gut health supplement, and why you should be taking one.

Let's take a look below!

What are gut health supplements?

Supplements for gut health do what they say on the box: they maintain a healthy gut. A gut health supplement can relate to a number of different kinds of dietary supplements too, which includes:

The purpose of all of these supplements is to improve gut health in a range of different ways, from balancing gut bacteria and reducing inflammation to regenerating and healing the gut lining and regulating stomach acid.

Main ingredients

The main ingredients in supplements to promote good gut health can vary depending on the product. Different supplements work to do different things within the gastrointestinal system and as such, ingredients vary.

Some common ingredients include dietary fibres, probiotics and prebiotics, enzymes that support a healthy gut, and amino acids that are integral to a healthy gut.

Top 7 Gut Health Supplements on the Market

Benefits of taking digestive health supplements for a healthy gut

Now we know what gut supplements are, let's take a look at some of the benefits of taking them! Check them out below.

Balancing your gut bacteria

Gut bacteria are essential to your health and an imbalance can lead to illnesses and allergies. Gut supplements, like probiotics, work to balance this good bacteria, ensuring the digestive system has the environment it needs to function properly.

Preventing and treating diarrhea

Probiotics and other gut supplements have been shown to reduce the severity of preventing diarrhea. This can be effective when taking antibiotics that cause diarrhea and in cases of traveler's diarrhea.

Improving mental health

Gut health and mental health are linked in the same way that mental health is linked to overall health. Poor mental health can cause gastrointestinal issues and vice versa.

Certain probiotic strains have been shown to improve gut health and ease symptoms of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Improving heart health

Some gut health supplements have been known to reduce bad cholesterol which is linked to chronic heart conditions, like heart disease. There is also research to suggest that probiotics can help to reduce blood pressure.

Reduce the severity of some allergies

Certain probiotics are thought to reduce the severity of some allergies, mostly in children and infants. In addition, gut health has been linked to the severity of eczema and taking gut supplements has been known to improve the condition.

Help to soothe some digestive issues

Taking gut supplements has been shown to treat and soothe the symptoms brought on by a range of digestive conditions, like IBS, Crohn's disease, and mild ulcerative colitis. Though not a complete cure, probiotic supplements are thought to reduce symptoms and make the conditions more manageable.

Boosts the immune system

Gut supplements can work to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria which can cause illnesses. Some have also been known to improve the production of certain antibodies, and some strains of probiotics can help reduce respiratory illnesses.

Gut health contributes to a good immune response in general and so keeping good gut health will help your body fight off infection better.

Aid healthy weight loss

Some probiotics inhibit the absorption of dietary fat, and others can work to reduce belly fat, however, some supplements can cause weight gain and so research should be done if you're choosing your supplements to support healthy weight loss.

Top 7 Gut Health Supplements on the Market

Why should I use gut health supplements?

Good digestive health contributes to the absorption of essential nutrients, healthy digestion of food, and contributes to the immune response of the body, helping it to fight infection. In addition, the gut communicates with the brain on what is known as the "gut-brain axis" and helps to maintain mental health and cognitive function. Indeed, gut imbalances have been linked to a number of neurodegenerative diseases.

Gut supplements can keep you in good health by ensuring that your gastrointestinal function is working properly and supporting your body. Probiotic supplements, and other gut supplements, are easy to get into your daily routine. Try taking your daily probiotic in your morning smoothie and improve your overall health today.

Top 7 gut health supplements

There are so many different kinds of gut supplements that you can use to support good gut health and so, we've made a list of the best supplements for gut health below. Check them out and find out which are the best supplements for you to take.

Premedy Daily Probiotic 15

Brand: Premedy

Price: $45.00

Size: 30 capsules

Suitable for: Vegetarians, dairy-free, gluten-free

Description: This probiotic supplement works to support a healthy digestive system, maintains healthy levels of good bacteria, supports normal bowel movements, and works to maintain overall health.

Pros: Handy capsules that are easy to take and incorporate into a daily routine, great for overall health

Cons: Not a targeted approach for those wishing to solve specific issues.

LifeStream Advanced Probiotics Mood+Immune

Brand: LifeStream

Price: $39.00

Size: 30 capsules

Suitable for: Vegetarians, gluten-free

Description: These capsules contain a probiotic mix that supports a healthy mood balance, particularly during stressful times. It also supports a strong immune system and the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Pros: Capsules are easy to swallow and incorporate into your morning routine, targetted formula for those who are looking for a probiotic bacteria that supports good mental health

Cons: May not support other gut health conditions

Dr Cabot Ultimate Gut Health Powder

Brand: Cabot Health

Price: $46.00

Size: 250g

Suitable for: Vegetarians, gluten-free, dairy-free

Description: This gut health powder is designed to soothe and heal the gut lining and keep your digestive system as healthy as possible. You should use this powder if you have a leaky gut, suffer from excessive gas or bloating, have nutrient deficiencies, suffer from IBS, have a bacterial imbalance, inflammation, experience low mood or brain fog, and have food intolerances or allergies.

Pros: Easy to use powder form, great for smoothies, soups, or even just in water. Easy to fit into a daily routine. Covers lots of different health issues and gives a good boost to your immune system. Targetted support for leaky gut, IBS, and other conditions

Cons: Powder isn't as easy to use as capsules

Herbs of Gold Gut Care

Brand: Herbs of Gold

Price: $49.95

Size: 150g

Suitable for: Gluten-free, dairy-free

Description: Supports good gut health, supports healthy gut lining with aloe vera and l-glutamine ingredients. Licorice root soothes irritation in the intestinal wall and supports immune system function.

Pros: Powder that can be added into morning smoothies and water. Covers a good range of digestive issues and supports overall health.

Cons: Powder may be difficult to incorporate into a daily routine and relatively small size for the price

Top 7 Gut Health Supplements on the Market

Nutra Organics Unflavoured Natural Gelatin Gut Digestive Health Powder

Brand: Nutra Organics

Price: $15.00

Size: 250g

Suitable for: Gluten-free, dairy-free

Description: Containing essential amino acids, this supplement works to repair and rebuild tissue within the body and is catered for good digestive health.

Pros: Easy to use powder, good for maintaining general health at the same time as digestive health

Cons: Generalised formula, works mostly to rebuild tissue and to maintain general health

Nutra Organics Skin Hair Nails Gut Collagen Beauty w Verisol

Brand: Nutra Organics

Price: $39.95

Size: 300g

Suitable for: Dairy-free

Description: Collagen works to support a healthy gut by aiding the structure and function of connective tissues as well as helping to rebuild and repair tissues within the gut

Pros: Flavoured formula, a formula that covers other areas of health too

Cons: Formula is generalised

Foda Apple Cider Vinegar

Brand: Foda

Price: $12.00

Size: 1l

Suitable for: Dairy-free, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Description: Apple cider vinegar is incredible in its support for your digestive health. It works to support detoxification as well as blood sugar control and helps when other ferments cause pathogenic bacteria to die off.

Pros: Helps to support digestive health, as well as general health. Is easy to incorporate into your diet through dressings and cooking uses

Cons: Consuming too much can cause issues in your digestive system and so it is important to stick to the correct dosage


Gut health is incredibly important to your general health and so keeping your digestive system in good working order can help support your physical and mental health! The supplements we have listed are ones we have found to be most effective for good digestive health, but there are others out there too!

As always, ensure you seek professional advice if you're unsure of taking a gut health supplement.

Top 7 Gut Health Supplements on the Market

Frequently Asked Questions

What're the best supplements for gut health?

The best supplements for gut health depend upon what you want from your supplement. You can find supplements to cater to specific conditions like leaky gut, IBS, and Crohn's disease. In addition, some supplements cater to overall health as well as gut health, meaning they're like a catch-all supplement for your health.

How can I improve my gut health fast?

There are a few ways you can heal your gut quickly. These include:

  • Taking prebiotic or probiotic supplements
  • Eating probiotic fibre
  • Cutting sugar and sweeteners from your diet
  • Reducing stress which can have a detrimental effect on your gut
  • Avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics
  • Exercise more
  • Get better sleep

These are all steps you can take quickly and should help your gut to heal. To maintain a healthy gut, you could consider taking a gut supplement as well as ensuring you're eating a good and balanced diet.

What foods are bad for your gut?

When looking to maintain good digestive health, you should think about the way the foods you eat can affect the health of your gut. There are a number of food types that can be terrible for your gut and you should consider removing them from your diet if you want to ensure a healthy digestive system. These include:

  • Fried foods
  • Citrus fruits
  • Artificial sugars
  • Too much fibre
  • Spicy foods

How do you treat an inflamed gut?

You can treat an inflamed gut by eating more anti-inflammatory foods, like berries, green vegetables, and spices like turmeric and fenugreek. You could also try eliminating certain foods, like dairy and gluten, to find out if they are causing the inflammation. Finally, a great way to improve gut and overall health is to reduce your stress levels!

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