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Top Ten Beauty & Health Trends in 2015

Top Ten Beauty & Health Trends in 2015

  1. Dr Organic product range
The undisputed No.1! No wonder, when a brand offers such a diverse range of products as Dr Organic does, that it will be a success. Dr Organic has everything from body care to facial creams and masks, hair shampoos and even foot scrubs. No need to mention that everything is organic of course!
  1. Coconut - Just everything!
Since the health benefits of coconut oil and coconut water have become well known the popularity of organic coconut products has sky rocketed. I mean so many people are using it for cooking, eating it raw and even as a stand alone beauty product, that it should not surprise us ranking on the second place. The not long ago introduced coconut flour has also proven to be very popular and will most likely even increase according to our trend figure.
  1. Superfoods - Unbeaten Antioxidant champions
Yes, Superfoods such as Goji, Acai and Maqui berries can not be beaten when it comes to antioxidants. Since their appearance on the market a few years ago now, they have continued to grow in demand and our trend for this year continues to look positive.
  1. Sodium Laureth Sulphate FREE products - Because we simply don't like chemicals
All our organics are SLS free and highly sought after! The movement away from body and hair care products that contain SLS is unstoppable. Why would anyone that knows how health damaging such chemicals like SLS for our health are continue to use them?!
  1. Gluten Free - Because an intolerant tummy is a painful bugger!
The range of gluten free products is ever increasing and always popular with our customers. We have seen that more and more consumers are looking for alternatives to their mainstream groceries and are happy that we stock one of the largest range of products that are gluten free.
  1. Fair trade - Yes, fair is better!
Everyone deserves to be treated fairly! Definitely one of the most true and most respected believes we share here in Australia.
  1. Drink Bottles - All BPA-Free of course!
The water out of BPA free drink bottles not only keeps its natural taste and does not have the plastic flavour after its been in there for a while, but its also helathier as it does not contain any plastic residue that has leaked into the water we are drinking. Cheers on that.
  1. Organic Chocolate - Even more irresistible when organic
This is definitely one of the most popular product range for us here at Australian Organic Products. We love chocolate as it is, but the organic ones simply taste better and knowing that they don't contain any bleached sugar and other artificial ingredients adds to it. Give us more!
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar - The Ultimate Detox
The health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar have been known even in antiquity, when the ancient Greek Hippocrates was subscribing it to his patients as a health drink and how right he was! The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar would require multiple articles to list and outline how beneficial this vinegar is for our health, our beauty and our well-being.
  1. Household - For a healthier & better home

Is anyone still surprised that allergies, cancer and so many other diseases are reaching new high levels? Many of us already use chemical free, environment-friendly and natural based household products, but really it should be everyone of us that has a chemical free home.

Based on total sales, on-page searches and enquiries received (01/01/15 - 30/03/15) Source: Australian Organic Products Pty Ltd

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