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Where To Find Natural Hair Dye In Australia

Where To Find Natural Hair Dye In Australia

With a move towards more natural living, many consumers are looking for new ways to colour their hair without the use of chemical-heavy conventional dyes. Cue: natural hair dye.

Switching to natural hair dye may be a little bit nerve-wracking and so we’ve gathered all the information you might need to find the best natural hair dyes in Australia. Check it out below. 

What is natural hair dye?

Natural hair dye is an umbrella term for plant-based, chemical-free, organic, and naturally based hair dyes. While natural dyes aim to be chemical-free, some may contain certain chemicals needed to retain colour. Natural is more about the chemicals and harmful compounds that aren’t in the hair dye, rather than being a specific description of the ingredients that are in it.

Natural hair dye can cover anything from organic and plant-based box dye, to using fruits, herbs, and even coffee to colour your hair. For natural box dyes, look out for natural ingredients, like vegetable-based colourings and avoid harsh chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. If you’re looking for chemical free hair dye, natural is the way to go.

Why should I be using natural hair dye

Why should I be using natural hair dye?

Natural hair dye has many advantages, for you and for the planet so we’ve collated a few key benefits below to convince you of why you should be using natural hair dyes. 

Protects your hair and scalp from harsh chemicals

Most natural hair dyes avoid the use of many of the harsh chemicals found in conventional box dyes. These include ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and PPD, all of which can cause irritation to your scalp. 

Nutrient-rich treatment

Natural ingredients come with many benefits that can be absorbed by the hair, making your hair and head healthier in the long run. With all the amazing benefits of fruit and vegetables, using their juices to colour your hair can only mean good things for your tresses. 

Good for the planet

Natural and organic ingredients cause minimal damage to the planet making natural hair dyes a wise choice for the eco-conscious among us. 

Natural hair dye in Australia  

Where to find natural hair dye in Australia

When searching for natural hair dye, Australia is abundant with options from homemade DIY choices to a plethora of box dyes, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. We’ve hunted out a few great places to find natural hair dyes in Australia, take a look below to find out more. 


Available online and in various shades ranging from the lightest blonde to the darkest black, Naturtint is a brilliant and ethical brand. The brand uses a whole list of good, nutritious ingredients to make sure your hair is left feeling fabulous. 

Radico Colour Me Organic Hair Dye

An Indian-based company, Radico Colour Me Organic Hair Dyes are available online for delivery across Australia with selected suppliers. This brand uses organic produce to create safe and chemical-free dyes and is available in 24 shades.

Tints of Nature Hair Colour

For twenty years, Tints of Nature have been at the forefront of the natural hair colouring game. With a range of both permanent and semi-permanent natural hair dyes, this brand has all the bases covered. It is available online, and in independent health stores internationally.

Our favourite natural hair dyes

The innovation in natural hair dyes in recent years means that box dyes can be depended upon to give great results. Below we’ve listed our favourite at-home hair dyes, check them out and find new hair dyes without chemicals for you to try. 

Bonvit Henna Herb Hair Colour Tint

This tint is available in a range of shades and works to lightly colour the hair while also nourishing and protecting your tresses. This henna-based dye is chemical-free and made from plant extracts. Tints are a great way to add a hint of colour without fully committing, which is why we love this product. 

Naturtint Ebony Black Plant Based Hair Colour

This natural black hair dye offers full coverage and a vibrant colour. It is ammonia-free meaning it is good for your scalp and won’t cause any irritation. The botanical ingredients in this dye work to replenish moisture and protect your hair as it colours. 

Radico Colour Me Organic Hair Colour Powder In Wine Red

As a natural red hair dye, this colouring powder offers users a bright and striking colour. Formulated from herbs and void of any chemicals, this colour treatment promises 100% grey coverage and restoration of the hair’s natural shine. 

Tints Of Nature Bold Colours Semi Permanent Hair Colour In Purple

And for the more adventurous hair colour enthusiasts, this organically formulated and chemical-free semi-permanent hair dye is great for providing bold colours in bright shades for all your wacky hair needs. We love the purple colour but Tints of Nature offer a great range of shades, so there is something for everyone.

Hair dye without chemicals


Natural hair dye covers a broad range of practices from chemical-free box dyes to at-home DIY hair colouring recipes. Natural colouring is better for your hair and scalp because it is chemical free, derived from nutritious natural ingredients and is designed to moisturise as well as colour. There are a range of options for natural hair dye across Australia, including brands available online, professional salons and at-home recipes.

If you’re looking for natural hair dyes today, why not check out our range and see if you can find something to suit your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most natural hair dye?

The most natural hair dyes are those with fewest ingredients and those ingredients should be derived from wholly natural sources. At-home hair colouring aids like carrot and beet juice, henna and lemons are natural ways to darken or lighten your hair and are entirely natural. 

What is the best home hair dye Australia?

There are a variety of at-home hair dyes available in Australia. Some great options to try are Tints of Nature, Naturtint and Radico. These are all great brands with ethical values and natural ingredients which are available to shop in Australia. 

Is there a hair dye without chemicals?

There are multiple ways to dye your hair without chemicals. Different ways include, organic and natural at-home box dyes, such as those available at Naturtint and Tints of Nature, and with readily available produce like lemons, carrot juice and beet juice. 

Is Aveda hair colour really natural?

Aveda hair colour is described as having 93% naturally derived ingredients and being free from chemicals and harsh substances that cause damage to the hair and head. Aveda dyes contain great plant-based ingredients that work to nourish the hair and replenish moisture as it colours. Aveda hair colour is a natural option for hair dye.

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