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What are the Top Essential Oils for Travel

What are the Top Essential Oils for Travel

Essential oils are a great way to stay healthy and safe while you're travelling. From helping with travel sickness and boosting immunity to making your hotel room smell nice and sanitising surfaces, essential oils can come in handy no matter where or how you're travelling.

As lovers of essential oils, we've been taking a look at some great options for essential oils you should take away with you when you travel. Below, we've gathered all the information we have found for you to peruse next time you travel!

Travel essential oil: plane travel, which oils, how they can help, etc.

There are a few essential oils that will come in handy for you when you travel. From helping to soothe travel sickness and anxiety to helping to boost your immunity, essential oils can be really great to take away with you.

Below are a few of the best essential oils you can pack when you travel, check them out!

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is well-known for its relaxing and calming properties which makes it a great essential oil to carry with you if you have travel anxiety. It can soothe you in-flight, help you to sleep on long-haul journeys, and even help you to sleep when you have jet lag.

As well as a pure lavender essential oil, you could try a calming and soothing blend or a rollerball option. You could even find an essential oil blend that helps with sleep!

What are the Top Essential Oils for Travel

Lemon oil, and other citrus oils

Lemon essential oil, and other citrus oils, are fantastic for making sure your hotel room smells nice. Whether travelling on a budget or staying in the best hotel in the city, you may find that the room smells a little off, if this is the case, grab your lemon essential oil and diffuse for up to an hour.

Lemon essential oil is known for its positivity boost and can help you to feel happy and energised. This will come in handy if you're a little irritated with the unpleasant odour(!) and can help you to start your day off on a high, getting you ready for a day of seeing the sights.

As well as the positive benefits on your mood, lemon and other citrus oils smell great! If those scents are not up your street, you could try essential oil blends with mood-boosting effects and great smelling blends.

Peppermint oil

Another great mood booster, peppermint essential oil can help you to feel more awake after a long day of travel and help get you ready to see the sights. You could try dabbing some on a warm cloth or cotton ball and inhaling the peppermint oil in the morning to help you feel more awake.

Peppermint oil can also help you soothe a headache and nausea that may be brought on by travel! Mix with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil before massaging into your skin.

Ginger oil

Ginger oil is known to help soothe nausea which makes it great for when you're feeling motion sickness. You can inhale it or even grab some ginger juice to help you feel better. Or you could rub ginger essential oil into your pulse points, like wrist and neck, after diluting with a carrier oil.

Remember to always dilute essential oils and essential oil blends with a carrier oil to ensure it isn't going to cause skin irritation. Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the carrier oil.

Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil is great to carry with you on holiday. It can protect against allergies which can come on when you travel. Dab it on your pillow or inhale it when diffused to help clear sinuses and reduce the symptoms of allergies.

If you're not a fan of tea tree oil, you could also try out eucalyptus oil which has similar properties and anti-inflammatory effects.

These oils can help to keep your immune system in working order while on holiday too, as both have antibacterial effects. This means you can sanitise with them to protect your immune system while travelling.

What are the Top Essential Oils for Travel

How to carry essential oils when travelling: carrier oil, essential oil bottles

Once you've chosen the best essential oils for you to take on holiday, you're probably going to need to find a way to transport the oils. While there are regulations on what you can carry depending on the kind of travelling you're doing, with many travel methods, you are free to take whatever you want but you may need to consider the packing methods.

To find out more, check it out.

Travel by car

When travelling by car, you can take any kind of essential oils with you but you will need to consider the travel method. This means you will need to find a sturdy travel case to ensure you don't break any bottles. Additionally, you need to ensure your lids are sealed tight!

You could also invest in a car vent diffuser, or other travel compatible diffusers so that you can diffuse in the car!

Travel by train

Like with car travel, you need to ensure you pack essential oils safely for rail travel. This means ensuring they're put into a safe and sturdy case and are closed properly.

Travel by plane

Travel by plane is the most tricky when it comes to travelling with essential oils. If you're planning on carrying your essential oils in your case, then the same rules apply with car and train travel. The difficulty comes in when you decide to carry them in your hand luggage.

There are a few rules that apply to being able to board a plane with liquids. All bottles must be 100ml or 100g or less, and they must be able to fit into one transparent plastic bag. This means you will need to pick and choose which essential oils you take on the plane in your hand luggage.

The 100ml limit may affect the kind of oils you can take, meaning if you have mixed your favourite essential oils with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil, it will need to be transferred to a 100ml bottle to be taken in your carry on bags.

What are the Top Essential Oils for Travel

Final thoughts

Whether your favourite essential oil or essential oil blend, inhaling essential oils or using topically can help you to feel calm and relaxed as well as positive and energised, depending on which kind of oil you use.

Carrying essential oils with you while you travel can protect your immune system, help you to feel calm, and even fight off motion sickness, making it great for you to carry. We have covered a few different oils here which we think are great for travelling but there are plenty more too! Check out all our aromatherapy oils today to find one that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bring essential oils in carry on?

Essential oils can be brought in your carry on luggage provided they are stored in bottles under 100ml or 100g. This may mean transferring your own essential oil blends into smaller bottles. You also need to be able to fit all of your essential oil bottles in a transparent plastic bag and it is one per person.

What essential oils are good for jet lag?

Essential oils that are good for jet lag are usually the ones that can help you to sleep or help to relax. This includes lavender oil, chamomile oil, and sandalwood oil. All of these oils can help to calm the body and ease you into sleep even when you're finding it difficult to sleep, making them great for jet lag.

Can I take essential oils in my checked luggage?

Yes. You can carry essential oils in bottles of up to 100ml. You also need to be able to store all liquids in a zip lock bag and there is a limit of one bag per passenger. Essential oils are great to carry with you when travelling as they can help you to feel calm and relaxed when flying which is great if you get travel sick.

What essential oils bring positive energy?

There are lots of essential oils that can help you to feel more positive and energised. These include peppermint oil and citrus oils like lemon oil and orange oil. You can also find mood-boosting essential oil blends which promote a positive mood and uplifting feeling which you can carry with you to help you feel more positive.

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