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A globally conscious brand, utilising organic and locally sourced ingredients, East Bali Cashews offers deeply flavourful snacks, including nuts, popcorn, and cereals. Employing mouth-watering recipes that harness the intense flavours of natural and high-quality ingredients, each East Bali Cashews product is a treat for the tastebuds, and brings incredible health benefits with it too.

With each flavourful bite comes a range of vitamins, minerals,... and other nutrients, vital to leading a healthy life. East Bali Cashews utilise tropical ingredients from local farms, manufactured in small batches, to create their exciting product range.

Are East Bali Cashew products organic?

East Bali Cashew products use organic ingredients, free from pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, and other toxic chemicals used for growth. Organic farming methods ban the use of chemicals meaning that no residue can be leftover on crops.

In mainstream intensive farming, the use of chemical compounds can leave harmful residue on crops which are then ingested by humans. This residue is damaging to human health, leading to a range of unpleasant side effects. By choosing organic, you are choosing clean and pure ingredients, and you are choosing your health.

East Bali Cashews use locally-sourced ingredients and process each of their products in small batches. This means that care is taken over every product, making this a safe and wholesome brand to support.

What kind of products does East Bali Cashews specialise in?

East Bali Cashews originally began with cashews but has since grown to include other nuts, cereal-based products, and popcorn. The brand specialises in mouth-watering recipes, like their chocolate vanilla granola and their chilli and lime cashews, making healthy snacks delicious!

All of their ingredients, from their rolled oats and cassava syrup to their coconut oil, all come from sustainable, ethical, and organic sources. East Bali Cashews is a globally responsible brand that supports and invests in local communities. Each product supports the life-changing work that East Bali Cashews are doing.

Check out all of the East Bali Cashew products we offer online today and find healthy and delicious snacks to try out.