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$9.50 flat rate shipping. FREE delivery for orders over $129 to metro Australia!

Hemp? Yes, I buy Hemp products online!

Our health store has been selling hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp protein and hemp flour online legally since the legislative change. As of 12 November 2017, consumers are able to purchase hemp products labelled as 'hemp foods' legally in Australia, a welcoming change that has been long awaited by hemp growers and consumers alike.

Hemp foods previously marked for ‘external use only’ from leading hemp food brands including Hemp Foods Australia, Sani Hemp, 13 Seeds, EM Superfoods, Every Bit Organic Raw, Melrose and other brands have been transitioned into our food categories and demand is soaring. Now that the national legislation has rolled out, hemp oil, just to name the most popular of all hemp foods can now be taken orally as a health supplement.

Despite the long awaited change in legislation there are still many questions around hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp flour, benefits of taking hemp oil and everything else made from the hemp plant. Australian Organic Products + More has therefore prepared this blog post, answering some of the most common questions we have received from consumers about hemp products.

First thing's first, what are the health benefits of hemp?

Hemp seeds are extremely high in protein and are also a source of vitamin A and E, minerals, fibre, amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly ideal as a vegan source for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein also contain very little naturally occurring sugars – less than 1g per 100g! All are ideal for consumers sensitive to soy, dairy or gluten. Furthermore, hemp is the only plant containing vitamin D and when applying vitamin D topically, skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea have been shown to improve.

Hemp seeds are a vegan protein source, gluten free and used around the world for making bread, pasta, salad toppings or eating as it is.

Can I buy Hemp products legally online?

Yes, as mentioned above since last year hemp foods have been legalised in Australia and this inlcudes online stores. No particular license is required to sell hemp foods, but the quality of products you can find online and in retail stores can of course vary significantly.

At 'Australian Organic Products + More' we therefore only purchase directly from selected suppliers and manufacturers which we have made sure comply to all legal requirements and can provide certifications for their products.

How is hemp good for the environment?

  • Hemp plants can slow down global warming. Global warming is caused by high carbon dioxide levels and hemp absorbs four times more carbon dioxide than trees.
  • The hemp plant can grow in most climates, needs little care and could replace trees as the source for making paper.
  • Hemp bio-fuel can replace every type of fossil fuel

In conclusion we may say that the benefits of hemp for our physical and mental health can be astonishing and with further studies conducted more and more beneficial applications will hopefully be revealed. We were also quite surprised to find out how much hemp can actually do for our environment, especially in order to replace fossil fuels and reduce deforestation. Truly amazing!