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Natural and organic products are back for good on the shopping lists of Australian households and to find out why that is and what the benefits of unprocessed, chemical free and natural organic products are, we put together our 'Top 10 Benefits Of Organics' list.

Something to remember next time you are shopping

1. Preserve the environment 
Organic farming is great for the environment. Safe farming practices like using natural fertilisers helps preserve the environment. 

2. Avoid chemical contamination 
Chemicals used in farming remain in the food. You can avoid these chemicals with organic foods because farmers do not use insecticides and other chemicals.

3. Reduce antibiotic exposure
Non-organically raised animals are injected or provided with antibiotics. Extra antibiotics in our system can weaken the immune system. Organically raised animals are not provided with antibiotics

4. Get more nutrients
Most conventional foods are plagued with unnecessary additives for flavor. These add-ons don’t contain any nutrients and can even destroy the food’s nutrients. With organically grown food, you can get more nutrients because they are naturally grown without any chemicals. 

5. More satisfying
Junk foods are not fulfilling and satisfying food sources. What people should really keep in mind is that with junk food we only overfeed and under-nourish ourselves.

6. Support local farmers
Aside from the health and environmental benefits of going organic, you are also helping your community’s local farmers. 

7. Better health 
As organic foods are chemical free, your body will be replenished with optimum nutrients to properly function. 

8. Eliminate farming pollution 
Agricultural chemicals and pesticides contaminates the environment. Toxic chemicals are not used in organic farming.

9. Build stronger generations 
According to studies, pesticides and other chemicals can easily reach the placenta. Research suggests that pesticides are related to birth defects, neurological problems and even life threatening diseases such as cancer. 

10. Outstanding flavour 
Although taste can be subjective, organic foods can provide fresher flavour with every bite. Most conventional food items contain fake flavours and artificial preservatives. With organic food, you can get the real taste. They are free from any flavour additives and other chemicals for the most outstanding flavour. 
Going organic provides a myriad of benefits for you and your family. With organically grown products, you can avoid consumption of harmful chemicals and ultimately start living healthier. While changing for the better, you are also supporting local farming and preservation of the environment. 

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