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The Breuss Cancer Cure Book

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Book Hilde Hemmes The Breuss Cancer Cure

Occasionally throughout history, there have been men and women who have risen up from seeming obscurity to challenge the precepts we consider unchallengeable, to investigate and discover, and to apply their new-found knowledge for the betterment of mankind, no matter what the personal cost - Rudolf Breuss was such a man.

Born in 1899 into an impoverished Austrian family, Rudolf Breuss had a desire to heal and to cure from a very early age. His eager young mind absorbed every snippet of knowledge he could lay his hands on, but an alcoholic father with five children to clothe and feed, ensured that Breuss would never gain the education he so desired. Undeterred, he educated himself by reading books and attending lectures whenever he could - a practise he maintained throughout his life.

Breuss was a passionate man who cared greatly for the health and well-being of all mankind, and was infatuated by the prospect of discovering an alternative cure for cancer and other serious diseases - to him it seemed an oxymoron that maiming an individual through surgery could possibly be considered a cure. He was quoted as saying "To my mind, healing means returning a malfunctioning human body to full unrestricted function, not to remove parts of it by operation or amputation."

According to Breuss, protein was primarily responsible for nurturing cancer, regardless of the type or where it was in the body. His prescribed solution was to fast for 42 days to starve the cancer of protein. Throughout the fast, a juice cocktail made from organically-grown beetroot, carrot, celeriac (celery root), Chinese radish and potato was taken ( Biotta Breuss Juice ), to detoxify and cleanse the body, and to stimulate the patient's disease-fighting capabilities. Herbal teas were also an essential part of Breuss' treatment program, with a range of blends designed to target specific illnesses. ( Breuss Kidney Tea Mix

The results were staggering. Throughout his career Breuss received over 45,000 testimonials from people who had been cured of cancer, leukaemia and many other seemingly incurable diseases, through the Total Cancer Treatment. Despite this incredible success there were those in the medical world who wanted him stopped.

At age 81, he was taken to court and accused of being a fraud and a quack by the anti-cancer industry. Breuss' defence attorney - himself a cancer sufferer cured by Breuss - presented a number of cured patients to testify that they would be dead without Breuss and his Total Cancer Treatment program. Their testimony so overwhelmingly supported Breuss' claims, that he was acquitted on all counts.

Breuss passed away in 1991, aged 92, but he left a legacy that will remain with humanity until disease and sickness are no more. Today, Breuss' work is acknowledged by medical practitioners and herbalists alike. His best selling book The Breuss Cancer Cure has been translated into 5 languages and has sold over 1 million copies worldwide, spreading his message of hope to every corner of the planet.

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The Breuss Cancer Cure is essential reading for every family. It not only provides a proven solution to one of the most feared diseases on earth, but it gives you an amazing insight into exactly what cancer is and what you need to do to prevent it.

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