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GIOVANNI Organic Hair Oil Serum 2chic Ultra-Repair (Damaged, Processed Hair) 81ml

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The Organic Hair Oil Serum by GIOVANNI comes in an advanced Ultra-Repair concoction that fixes all hair anomalies. The serum is packed with the essential goodness of vitamins A, C, E, K and B5. All of this forms a complex blend that is sprayed on to the hair. The vitamins provide hair follicles and the scalp with a boost of nutrition. It is enriched with nutrients, minerals and essential oils. All of these restore the lost keratin actives from the hair cells promoting healthy hair growth and the prevention of split ends. The blackberry and blackcurrant extracts provide the scalp with antioxidants that keep the hair hydrated and oxidised. Not only does this product enhance hair growth it also keeps the head feeling light and fresh.

Buy GIOVANNI Hair Oil Serum online and restore your hair’s natural elasticity. The tresses are mended with nourishment with the anti-frizz formula.


- Made with organic ingredients
- Suitable for vegetarians
- Suitable for damaged hair
- Suitable for over processed hair
- Smoothen out hair
- Softens hair
- Eliminates hair frizz
- Moisturizes hair
- Adds shine in hair
- Enhances hair colour
- Prevents split ends
- Prevents hair breakage
- Rich in protein
- Vitamin E, C and B5 rich
- Free from additives, preservatives
- Lauryl, laureth free
- Free from sulphates
- Hydrates hair follicles
- Hair tresses sealed
- Restores damaged hair
- Rekindles healthy hair
- Protects every strand of hair

Essential Ingredients of GIOVANNI – Organic Hair Oil Serum – 2chic:

The essential constituents of Giovanni organic hair oil serum are fragrance, sunflower seed oil, acai fruit extract, blackcurrant fruit extract, glycerine, vitamin B5, Vitamin E, panthenol, tocopherol acetate, blackberry fruit extract, Brazilian cocoa keratin and shea butter extract, macadamia seed extract, argan kernel oil, purified water and dimethicone, coconut oil.

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