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GO BAMBOO Childrens Toothbrush 2+ Bulk 12 pack

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The Go Bamboo toothbrush handle is made of natural bamboo sealed with an edible wax. The bristles are soft to medium stiffness, dual length, sharpened bristle, made from nylon 4 which is a synthetic polymer that will break down in about 3-4 months in activated sludge (sewage) or compost. The toothbrush comes packaged in a sealed recycled cardboard box.

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When you've finished with your toothbrush you can put it to another use, cleaning your bike or climbers could use it to clean holds. You could shave the bristles off into a piece of tissue and flush them down the loo or into the compost and use the handle to make another tool. Bet you never thought a toothbrush could be so much fun! Whatever you do with it, if you lose track of it and don’t end up composting, you can sleep easy that its unlikely to choke a penguin in 25 years time.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is significantly more environmentally friendly - and healthier for you - than plastic. Be the change that you want to see in the world, starting with your kids' toothbrush.

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