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MONTVILLE COFFEE Organic Coffee Beans Sunshine Coast Blend 1kg

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Medium-dark roast.
Perfect for plunger, filter or espresso machine.

Chocolaty highlights describe this full flavoured, multi- award winning coffee. The blend includes beans from PNG, Nicaragua, Mexico and Colombia.

Our coffee is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

#1 Roaster's Tips To Buying Coffee
Coffee begins to stale as soon as it is roasted so the challenge for the roaster is to handle and package the coffee in such a way as to minimize the staling process.

Heat, humidity and oxygen are all enemies of fresh coffee. To ensure you have the freshest coffee possible, at Montville Coffee we roast to order, then package the beans immediately in special coffee bags fitted with a one way valve that allows the fresh coffee to "degas" without letting air in.

Coffee Roasting
We are determined to roast only Certified Fairtrade Organic coffee so are relentless in our commitment to finding the highest quality green beans from grower cooperatives around the world.

We enter roasting competitions from time to time to ensure that our standard remains high amongst the 300 or so roasters in Australia. We have bronze medals from both the Golden Bean Roasters Competition and The Royal Sydney Show.

We aren't chasing medals though. More than anything, we are chasing satisfied coffee drinkers who rave about the flavour and aroma of our beans. We never tire of hearing how much pleasure people get from drinking our coffee.