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PLANET ORGANIC Turmeric Certified Organic Spices 1kg

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"Certified organic turmeric by PLANET ORGANIC is the one with a peppery aroma. This particular spice is the key ingredient in several curries. Turmeric is also often added in pickles and relishes. The spice has healing powers. It used on open wounds to kill bacteria and ingested directly after mixing it in milk to boost the immune system. Additionally, it is really good for the skin. This product by Planet Organic is healthy, organic and fresh, encouraging a better lifestyle. Buy organic turmeric online, a healthy, therapeutic, and healthy ingredient for your recipes.
Turmeric, among other Organic Spices is a plant. It is used in several households as the main spice in making almost all curries. The spice has a distinctively warm and bitter taste. It is often required to add flavour and colour in various boxed curry powders, mustards, butters, and cheeses, increasing their health benefits and giving them a pungent aroma. Organic turmeric also has several health benefits. It is good for arthritis pains, heartburn, stomach pains, diarrhoea, acidity, bloating, appetite loss, jaundice, liver problems and other similar issues.


- 1kg
- No Additives
- Economy Pack
- BPA Free Container
- Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
- Certified by ACO
- Certified Organic
- GMO Free
- Gluten Free
- Dairy Free
- No Fillers

About The Brand:

All Planet Organic products have been certified as wholly organic. Planet Organic is a brand working towards creating products that support people’s day to day health by offering them a wide range of high quality, organic pantry items. These include premium organic teas and all kinds of spices. Planet Organic products are healthy and safe, being composed of high quality and certified organic products.

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