Stoney Creek Golden Flaxseed Oil Organic 280mL

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Product features of: Stoney Creek Golden Flaxseed Oil Organic 280mL
Certified Organic;Dairy Free;Egg Free;Ethically Sourced;Fructose Free;Gluten Free;GMO Free;Halal;Hypoallergenic;Kosher;Lactose;Low GI;Low Salt;No Added Salt;No Added Sugar;No Artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives;No Synthetic Fragrances or Colours;Nut Free;Paraben Free;Peanut Free;Petrochemical Free;Raw;Soy Free;Sugar Free;Sulfate Free;Vegan;Vegetarian;Wheat Free
Rich source of Omega 3 (60% as ALA). Generally lighter in flavour than Brown Flaxseed Oil.
Product benefits :Assists in healthy function of blood cells - including cardiovascular, skin and inflammatory conditions.
Product unedited description:A nutty-tasting nutritional oil, rich in Omega 3 (60% as ALA). Produced from premium Organic Golden Flaxseed.
Ingredients:Flaxseed oil (unrefined and not genetically modified).

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