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$9.50 flat rate shipping. Free shipping for orders over $129 AUD to metro Australia!
$9.50 flat rate shipping. Free shipping for orders over $129 AUD to metro Australia!
Organic Ready Meals

Organic Ready Meals

The demand for organic ready meals has seen a huge rise in the past few months and WAAH Organic has heard the call. By proving that ready meals can be nutritious too, Waah Organic offers a range of mouth-watering Ready-To-Eat (RTE) meals, made with fresh and 100% organic ingredients.

It completely discourages the use of GMO ingredients or any other chemical pesticides. By taking an all natural approach the brand has produced RTE meals without the use of harmful preservatives, while retaining the genuine taste and freshness of the meal. 

Waah Organic isn't only natural, it's convenient. Its all of authentic Indian cuisine in a handy pouch that you can carry anywhere - from camping to a dorm room, from your kitchen to your office pantry.

Worried about its Freshness? Don't be, our Organic vegetarian and vegan varieties stay fresh for 24 months from the date of manufactured without any additives or harmful preservatives.

So, when you are looking for nutritious Indian meals, that are both inexpensive and convenient, Waah Organic has six delicious meals to offer! 

All you need to do is heat up, and bring your appetite.

Choose between:

- Organic Pulao

- Organic Rajma Masala

- Organic Dal Tadka

- Organic Chana Masala

- Organic Dal Makhani

- Organic Vegetable Biryani

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