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The Good Kind Of Fat - A Guide To Healthy Kitchen Oils

The Good Kind Of Fat - A Guide To Healthy Kitchen Oils

Kitchen oils aka cooking oils are a basic ingredient when it comes to matters of the kitchen and most of us use one or two different types of kitchen oils to cook our meals with.

What if I told you there are more benefits than you think by using different oils for different types of dishes? When it comes to the differences in kitchen oils we are talking heat resistance, smoke points and flavours. What does that even mean? That's the purpose of this blog post, to give our readers a better understanding of kitchen oils and their benefits. Here's a little legend:

Heat Resistance:
Can I heat up the oil, use it for cooking, frying or anything warm?  Does it lose its vitamins and health benefits if heated?

Smoke Point:

At what temperature will my oil break down and form by-products that can be harmful to my health?


Rich or mild, nutty or sweet, the taste of the oil decides how we combine it.

For Cooking:

These oils have high or medium smoke points which makes them perfect for being heated without any harmful by-products and losing too much of the nutrition benefits or flavours. 

Sesame Oil:

A robust and distinct taste for full-flavoured Asian-inspired dishes. Order Sesame Oil.

Macadamia Oil:
The mild nutty flavour is a good addition to sweet and savoury dishes, whether they are cooked or baked. Order Macadamia Oil.

Made by clarifying butter, the rich butter flavour is versatile for cooked, baked or even fried foods and dishes. Order Ghee.

Avocado Oil:
The delicate, slighty buttery flavour works well with a range of meals and is a great choice for cooking and baking at high temperatures. Order Avocado Oil.

Coconut Oil:
That much loved Coconut flavour is great for most cooking or baking up to 170 - 180 degrees. Order Coconut Oil.

Olive Oil:
A neutral and versatile flavour for almost every cooked or baked dish, great for a smooth and neutral dough. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is more individual in its flavour, based on the different types of olives used and is best used in cold dishes for that maximum boost in flavours and nutrition, although it can be used for cooking. Order Olive Oil.

For Drizzling:
These oils all have a low smoke point. To prevent any harmful by-products and to get the full experience of flavours and nutritional advantages these are best used in cold dishes, salads or decorative drizzling.

MCT Oil:
Easily absorbed and a great source of energy, this oil is a great flavourless supplement for a ketogenic or low carbohydrate diet. Order MCT Oil.

Flaxseed Oil:
Light flavoured and rich in omega-3 it is perfect for cold dressings or dips. Order Flaxseed Oil.

Hemp Seed Oil:
The pleasant nutty flavour is the perfect addition to smoothies, shakes or other chilled sweet dishes. Order Hemp Seed Oil.

Walnut Oil:
A strong nutty flavour, packed with omega-3 perfect for both sweet and savoury cold dishes or drizzled over a warm meal. Order Walnut Oil.

Pumpkin Seed Oil:
A decorative green oil with a rich nutty flavour for dressings, drizzled over vegetables or warm pumpkin soup or your favourite baked goods. Order Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Whatever cuisine you prefer, if you are experimental or prefer to stick to your favourite recipes, with this guide you can bring a new twist into your kitchen and take the most nutritional advantage of all the kitchen oils available out there.

So get your share of organic kitchen oils here and share with us your favourite recipes and usage tips in the comments section below!

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