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Top 12 Healthiest Organic Juices To Buy

Top 12 Healthiest Organic Juices To Buy

We have and always will be champions of anything certified organic. The health benefits from organic products are incredible. With ingredients grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers, a ban on GMO crops, and no artificial preservatives, flavourings, or colourings, we think everyone should be consuming organic produce.

Organic juice, like any organic product, can have health benefits above and beyond conventional fruit juices, making them essential for anyone wanting to live a healthier life.

If you're wondering which are the best organic juice brands Australia has to offer, what the healthiest organic juices are, who sells beet juice, and where can you buy tart cherry juice, then read on to find out more!

Best organic juice brands Australia

Cold-pressed juices, fruit juices, pasteurised juice: What actually are organic juices?

Organic juice is a juice made with certified organic ingredients. This means that depending on which is your favourite, your apple juice, pomegranate juice, or grape juice is all made using ingredients that come from farms that follow organic methods of cultivation.

Organic farming disallows the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, and GMO crops, protecting waterways and the human body from the damaging effects of chemical residue. In addition, organic farming leads to healthier, more nutrient-packed soil, meaning any crops grown in this way have more vitamins, more minerals, and more goodness overall!

Once cultivated, the fruit and veg are then pressed into juice where it undergoes little processing. No artificial flavours, colourings, or preservatives are added, and the only sugar you will find is the natural sugars found in fruit and veg!

Organic juice is made without any harmful chemicals, compounds, or additives that can affect human health negatively, making it the best option for your favourite cold-pressed juice!

Organic Juices

Why is organic juice good for you?

As mentioned above, the main benefit of organic juice is that it is made without the use of any nasty chemicals that can cause damage to your body. Organic juice contains nothing that isn't natural and comes without any added sugars, unlike lots of traditional fruit juices.

On top of the incredible benefits of organic ingredients, fruit juices also have lots of other benefits. These include:

  • Lots of antioxidants! Antioxidants help protect the body from free radicals and oxidative stress that is commonly associated with chronic illnesses and cancer.
  • Boosts immunity. Fruit juices support the immune system by upping your nutrient intake and making sure your body gets all it needs.
  • Can help to lower cholesterol. Certain juices, like organic lemon juice and organic ginger juice, can help to lower cholesterol in the body, reducing your risk of heart disease.
  • Can help support the digestive system and improve gut health. Organic, cold-pressed juices like apple juice and prune juice (online shopping link added so you can get your hands on the good stuff!) can help the digestive system function properly, improving overall gut health.
  • Can delay signs of aging. All of those antioxidants found in fresh juices can actually help to slow the aging process, helping give you a renewed sense of vitality every time you drink.

Our top 12 healthiest organic juice favourites

If you're reading this and wondering; but who sells organic beet juice, and where can I buy Aronia berry juice from, don't worry! We've got you covered. Below, we have listed our top 12 healthiest organic juice picks for you to browse.

Lakewood Organic Pomegranate Juice

This pomegranate juice from Lakewood is cold-pressed, organic and not from concentrate. It comes in a 946ml bottle. 

Pomegranate juice is loaded full of antioxidants, vitamin C and it supports the digestive system. Whether shopping online or drop by for click and collect in-person, you will be able to purchase organic pomegranate juice 


Lakewood Organic Blueberry Juice

This cold-pressed and certified organic blueberry juice from Lakewood is incredibly nutritious. Packed full of antioxidants, blueberry juice may help protect you against heart disease and is thought to regulate blood sugar levels.

Sour Cherry Juice, Complete Health

This sour cherry juice offers a full litre worth of nutrients and antioxidants. Sour, or tart cherry juice is known to reduce muscle soreness and can help you sleep better.

This Complete Health Sour Cherry juice comes in a 1-litre glass bottle and is certified organic.

Pure Cranberry Juice, Complete Health

Cranberry juice has a long list of health benefits, including fighting age-related damage, supporting the digestive system, and helping to prevent UTIs. This cranberry juice from Complete Health is cold-pressed and certified organic.

And if you want another cranberry option, this Lakewood Pure Cranberry Juice is also a great organic option! The Lakewood Cranberry Juice comes in a 946ml bottle.

Synergy Organic Wheat Grass Powder

Wheatgrass is loaded full of goodness and is considered a superfood. Wheatgrass powder, when mixed with water to form a juice, can provide you with substantial amounts of nutrients, supporting overall health.

Synergy Organic Wheat Grass Powder is the best wheat grass juice powder Australia has to offer. Organic and 100% natural, with no artificial fillers, colours, or preservatives, the wheatgrass is pure, clean, and perfect to add to a healthy diet.

Cook Islands Noni Juice

Noni juice, made from the Morinda plant, is a traditional remedy that has been used for centuries. It is known to ease joint pain and may support heart health and the immune system. 

For the freshest organic Noni Juice Australia can provide, check out Cook Islands Noni Juice. It comes in a 500ml bottle and has absolutely no added sugar, artificial flavourings or colours, and is 100% organic.

Natures Goodness Goji Berry Juice

Goji berries are considered a superfood for their impressively high levels of a range of nutrients and antioxidants. It is these antioxidants that make goji berry juice possible protection against cancer, and the high nutrient content makes it a great immunity booster.

Natures Goodness Goji Berry juice blends goji berry juice with pear juice for a tasty treat, filled with goodness. Another great option is this Healthwise Goji Berry Juice. Both juices are fully organic and never from concentrate.

Lifestream Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is an incredible herbal remedy for everything from skin to hair. Aloe Vera juice is a great way of staying hydrated. It is also known to treat symptoms of constipation and is thought to control blood sugar levels.

This Lifestream Aloe Vera juice is certified organic and comes free from any artificial additives. And for other great options, there are the Lakewood Pure Aloe Vera Juice and the Aroma Juice 99.9 Aloe Vera 1l juice pulp.

Lakewood Black Cherry Juice

Black cherry juice is another fantastic source of antioxidants, and like tart cherry juice, can ease sleep issues. This juice can also reduce inflammation, making it a great juice for those who suffer from arthritis.

This Lakewood Black Cherry juice comes in a BPA-free bottle and is 100% organic.

Lakewood Orange Mango Juice

The tastiest orange mango juice Australia can offer is this Lakewood Orange Mango juice. 100% organic, not from concentrate, and stored in a glass bottle, this delicious juice comes with some fantastic benefits. These benefits include improving heart and eye health, boosting immunity, and promoting healthy skin and nails.

Lakewood Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice comes with a number of health benefits that can support your overall health. It is known to reduce inflammation and can support the digestive system as the enzymes in pineapple can break down proteins, making them easier to absorb. Along with these benefits, it also has a decent amount of vitamins and minerals, and lots of antioxidants.

Lakewood offers the best natural pineapple juice you can find. It comes in a glass bottle and is certified organic.

Lakewood Carrot Juice

Looking for a carrot juice bottle filled to the brim with goodness? Check out the Lakewood Carrot juice. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, carrot juice is a great source of vitamin A and C and supports overall health.


Cold-pressed juice is a great way to add vitamins and minerals into your diet, supporting overall health and making you feel better. Organic juice helps you to avoid the damaging chemicals found in conventional juices, meaning you can enjoy all the amazing benefits of fresh juice, without worrying about the additives!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does organic juice mean?

Organic juice means juice made from ingredients that have been cultivated organically. This means that the ingredients have been grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Organic juices are also less processed and have no artificial additives.

Is organic juice good for you?

Organic juice is very good for you! Drinking organic juice means getting all of the goodness of fresh juice, without the harmful chemicals and artificial additives found in many mainstream products. Organic juices are made using organic, chemical-free ingredients, and don't contain any added sugar, making them the healthiest choice when it comes to juice.

What is organic juice made of?

Organic juice is made from fruit and vegetables that have been cultivated organically. It does not contain anything artificial, like flavourings, colourings, or preservatives, and offers a healthy way to enjoy the benefits of fruit juice.

Is organic juice sugar-free?

Organic juice is not sugar-free, simply because fruit and vegetables contain natural sugars. However, organic juice doesn't have any additives, meaning that it doesn't contain any added sugar. Added sugar can have a negative effect on human health and can lead to a range of health conditions, like tooth decay and heart disease.

What is the healthiest vegetable juice to buy?

There are a number of incredibly healthy vegetable juices to choose from. One of the healthiest vegetable juices you can buy is carrot juice. Carrot juice is a great source of vitamins A and C, helping to support overall health and making you feel great.

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