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Top 5 Brands For Yerba Mate Herbal Tea

Top 5 Brands For Yerba Mate Herbal Tea

Yerba mate is an herbal tea, originally from South America, but now popular among tea enthusiasts worldwide. The tea is touted as having many brilliant health benefits, including being antioxidant and nutrient-rich and aiding in focusing the mind. Yerba mate is found in many herbal infusions meant to energise the body and is a popular study aid.

If you’re looking for yerba mate, Australia has a number of brands available that distribute the yerba mate drink across the country. We’ve gathered some information on yerba mate tea below, including the best yerba mate tea brands and the health benefits of yerba mate tea. Take a look below and find out why we love yerba mate.

What is Yerba Mate

What is Yerba Mate?

Yerba mate is an herbal tea that is made from the leaves and twigs of the Ilex paraguariensis plant, native to South America. Usually, the leaves would be dried out over a fire and then infused into boiling water to make the tea.

The yerba mate plant is one of only a few plants on earth that produce caffeine, and although it contains no tea leaves itself, yerba mate tea contains more caffeine than a cup of tea.

The best yerba mate tea is grown in rainforests under the shade of the tree canopy. Yerba mate is rich in nutrients and is a species of the holly family, showcasing evergreen leaves.

What are the best yerba mate brands?

Yerba mate is offered by a number of different tea brands. Below is a list of our favourite brands that offer a yerba mate drink product. 

  • Tea Tonic. A tea company based in Australia that sources organic tea to be used in their exciting blends.
  • English Tea Shop. An organic tea company with a focus on ethical practice.
  • Kintra Foods. A brand that focuses on health-conscious beverages that offers a huge range of teas full of natural healing.
  • Henry Blooms. A vitamin company based in Australia that offers a range of herbal teas.
  • Planet Organic Tea. An Australian brand focussing on ethically sourced and organically certified produce.

Check out our favourite products from these brands below.

What are the best yerba mate brands 

Our favourite yerba mate products

  • Tea Tonic Coconut Tea. In this blend of coconut, aloe vera and pineapple, yerba mate adds an energising boost to a tropical infusion. This light and flavourful combination is perfect for a summer morning.
  • English Tea Shop Organic Yerba Mate, Cacao and Coconut. This organic herbal infusion mixes yerba mate with a blend of warm spices including cacao, ginger, and liquorice, adding creamy notes with the coconut. This blend is perfect to curl up with a good book.
  • Kintra Loose Leaf Tea Energise. This energising combination mixes yerba mate and green tea with a flavourful mix of organic herbs. Herbs include peppermint, hibiscus, thyme leaf, Siberian ginseng and gingko leaf. This blend supports focus and promotes mental alertness.
  • Blooms Yerba Mate Tea. A simple and pure tea containing only premium quality yerba mate.
  • Planet Organic Yerba Mate Herbal Tea. This Planet Organic tea offers drinkers the finest, organic yerba mate to infuse and enjoy. 

What are the health benefits of yerba mate tea?

Yerba mate has a number of health benefits, and like all teas, it is an extremely healthy addition to your diet. Below we’ve listed a few of the incredible health benefits that yerba mate has to offer.

Antioxidant and nutrient rich

The antioxidant power of yerba mate is said to be even better than that of green tea. Getting antioxidants into your diet is essential to protect the body’s cells from free radicals and oxidative stress associated with some cancers.

Yerba mate has high levels of a number of essential nutrients. It contains seven out of nine essential amino acids and is thought to contain every single vitamin your body requires daily.

Improves mental focus and energy levels

Yerba mate is an incredible aid to study. Containing more caffeine than a cup of tea, but less than coffee, yerba mate tea allows the drinker to benefit from the energy boost without the side effects sometimes experienced with consuming coffee. Caffeine stimulates pathways in the brain that increase alertness and focus.

Could fight off infections

In some studies, yerba mate has shown efficiency in fighting fungi and bacteria that cause common ailments like dandruff and food poisoning. Though this research is minimal, yerba mate could be beneficial in protecting you from illness.

May aid in weight loss

Yerba mate is said to boost the metabolism and reduce appetite, aiding weight loss.

Could boost your immune system

Yerba mate contains anti-inflammatory properties and small amounts of vital vitamins, like vitamin C, E, selenium, and zinc. These essential nutrients support the immune system.

Contributes to heart health

The antioxidant compounds in yerba mate may support heart health and the drink has been known to lower cholesterol level, a leading cause in a number of different heart conditions.

Potential drawbacks

Though yerba mate tea has incredible health properties, drinking too much of it can cause symptoms such as anxiety, headaches, and high blood pressure due to its caffeine content.

Some studies have suggested that excessive consumption could lead to a higher risk of upper respiratory tract cancers, such as cancers of the mouth and throat. This is thought to be caused by a carcinogenic compound that is present in the plant that is also found in tobacco and grilled meat.

 What are the health benefits of yerba mate tea


Yerba mate tea is a great energy boosting tea. A number of brands offer yerba mate infusions and many deliver to Australia, as well as worldwide. Yerba mate has a number of health benefits, though excessive consumption has its drawbacks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of yerba mate?

There are a number of incredible brands that offer yerba mate tea. Planet Organic offer a pure yerba mate infusion that comes from organic farms and so is free from pesticides, while Kintra offers a yerba mate infusion that works to energise the body. The best brands for yerba mate tea will source their leaves from organic farms to ensure that they’re chemical and toxin free. 

What is the healthiest yerba mate?

Yerba mate is a healthy drink in its own right, however infusions with other herbs and tea can add to its health value. Mixing yerba mate with green tea increases the antioxidant level of the drink and adding in herbs that contain vitamins and minerals can increase the nutrient content. 

Why is yerba mate bad for you?

Yerba mate can cause negative side effects, like anxiety, headaches, and migraines, if consumed excessively. There is some research that suggest that yerba mate contains carcinogenic compounds which, over time, can lead to the increased risk of mouth and throat cancers. 

What herbs are in yerba mate?

Yerba mate is itself an herb. Yerba mate tea can contain only yerba mate leaves and twigs, or it can be a blend of a variety of energising herbs and other teas.

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