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4 benefits of switching to organic tampons.

4 benefits of switching to organic tampons.


You’ve cleaned up a lot of the products you use, from your laundry detergent to your grocery bags to the way you buy packaged food. You’re reading labels and considering sustainability, but there may be one important area you’re missing — your tampons.

Think of how many tampons you’ve likely used in your life - most tampon users have a tampon inside them for a cumulative 7.5 years of their life - and how many are in your future. Now think about the delicate area that comes in contact with them. It’s a product you should want the very best quality from, isn't it?

Here are 4 reasons going organic with your tampons may be for the better.


1. They're free from chemicals

Did you know more pesticides are used on conventional cotton than any other crop? Organic tampons, however, use only 100% organic cotton.

Sadly, many traditional tampons are filled with really toxic ingredients, like glyphosate, bleach, chlorine, rayon, pesticides, fragrances, and a myriad of synthetic materials. These aren’t the chemicals you want for your down-there care. They’re known hormone disruptors and can wreak havoc on your body. 

These chemicals disrupt vaginal pH and can cause painful inflammation for women with endometriosis. Recent research studies have shown that exposure to chemicals can interfere with the body’s hormones. 

When it comes to organic vs regular tampons, even the NHS recommends avoiding super absorbent tampons often filled with super absorbent… chemicals.

Chemicals such as dioxins - which are often found in mainstream tampon brands - are classed as carcinogens by the World Health Organisation.

So if the thought of these ingredients makes your stomach turn, it’s time to go organic. 


2. They’re fully biodegradable...

Whilst tampons stay in your body for a few hours, the man-made materials they are made of can linger around our planet for hundreds of years. Eventually, they infiltrate our food chains, poison wildlife and pollute our planet by breaking down into toxic particles and micro-plastics. 

Being made from only natural cotton, organic tampons are fully biodegradable. When you’re done, you can simply throw them in the bin safe in the knowledge that they will return to nature without leaching any nasty chemicals or plastic particles into the ground or the ocean.


3. They protect our water(s)

The absence of pesticides for the growth of organic cotton helps our water stay clean and safe and because rainwater is prioritised in the production of organic cotton and Mother Nature’s natural rhythm is respected, which means less pressure on local water supplies.


4. They “lighten” our periods...

Some women report having more comfortable periods after switching to organic tampons: less painful cramps, less itchiness and a more manageable flow. So if you get vaginal irritation or bad cramps, consider organic cotton tampons.

Ingredients, absorbency, eco-friendliness, comfort, affordability —  these are all things to consider when looking for the right organic tampons for you. Australian Organic Products has a variety of menstrual care products, from tampons to liners to menstruation cups, to help you find an option you can feel good about, both for you and the environment.

With a switch to organic, safe tampons, your vagina will thank you!



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