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Does Kfibre trigger any side effects

Does Kfibre trigger any side effects?

Kfibre is the new prebiotic that everyone is talking about. This virgin processed complex prebiotic has been created with almost 10 years of scientific research, making it the ultimate prebiotic for gut health. 

If you struggle with digestive issues, you may be wondering if Kfibre can improve your diet. To find out more about Kfibre, including if it triggers any side effects and how to use it, then keep reading! 

What is Kfibre?

Kfibre is a prebiotic dietary fibre that substantially improves your gut health and alleviates troubling issues such as irregular bowel movements, stomach problems and more by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. 

Composed of natural ingredients found in sugarcane, Kfibre is a great natural solution to digestive problems. Kfibre contains active phytonutrients and antioxidants that will help to regulate and improve your digestive system.

Kfibre is an easy addition to any meal that can boost your fibre intake, which is why it has been dubbed a superfood. If you struggle with digestive problems, consider our range of health supplements to improve your digestion. 


Kfibre Information


Does Kfibre Trigger any Side Effects?

A great and safe option, Kfibre has no known allergens which means it is a good option for increasing the amount of fibre in your diet. Kfibre has been certified as FODMAP friendly, making it a great option for those struggling from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or food intolerances.

However, consuming too much fibre in your dirt can lead to unwanted side effects. The side effects of too much fibre in your diet, whether from food or additional supplements, can include:

  • Bloating
  • Excess gas
  • Stomach cramping
  • Constipation
  • Lowered blood glucose
  • Diarrhoea
  • Unwanted weight loss 

Due to the way fibre develops in the digestive tract, it can impact the body’s ability to absorb medications, vitamins and nutrients if fibre is taken in excess. Therefore, while Kfibre is a great method to improve your fibre intake, follow the instructions carefully to ensure you do not consume an excess of fibre. 

How to Use Kfibre

Kfibre is an easy addition to almost every meal. It is as tasteless as an additive in meals and drinks you use every day, which makes it the perfect option for increasing your fibre intake for a healthier digestive system.

To include it in smoothies, add one teaspoon to your smoothie recipe prior to blending. To go high fibre, add a heaped teaspoon for additional benefits. You can also use Kfibre with your cereal by mixing it with the milk for an extra fibre boost during breakfast.

You can also receive an additional fibre boost by incorporating Kfibre into hot meals, such as by adding it directly or adding it to sauces such as gravy. Use one teaspoon of Kfibre for each person the meal will be shared with.

Kfibre can also be used in baking, with the measurement of 1 tablespoon for every 1 cup of flour. It can be used with both gluten and gluten free flour to ensure it is suitable for all lifestyles, but you may need additional wet ingredients to balance the Kfibre.

To keep your Kfibre fresh, store it below 30 degrees. It may also be beneficial to keep it in a container to protect your Kfibre from moisture.

How to Use Kfibre 

How Often You Should Use Kfibre

On average, it is recommended that men get 38g of fibre a day, and women should receive 25g of fibre to keep their digestive systems healthy. Using a supplement such as dKfibre can help you to achieve this goal.

When you begin using Kfibre, it is recommended that you begin with 1 teaspoon a day for up to 14 days, and then adjust. With Kfibre, the goal is to increase the amount you use slowly over time for the best benefits with minimal side effects.

If you have a history of a sensitive gut, then it is recommended to decrease to half a teaspoon for the first few days and develop slowly.

You should also aim to drink more water when using Kfibre in order to aid your digestion further. 

The Benefits of Using Kfibre

Kfibre is a natural ingredient supplement that can give you a plethora of benefits. AS well as helping with weight maintenance, it also helps to maintain digestive regularity and support microbiomes. Kfibre is also suitable for IBS and Coeliac users, as it has no known allergens meaning it is a safe product for everyone.

Kfibre also helps to support microbial diversity within the entire gut, allowing for progressive absorption along the whole gut which can reduce unwanted effects such as bloating, abdominal pain and indigestion.

The Benefits of Using Kfibre


Conclusion: Does Kfibre Trigger any Side Effects?

Dairy free, gluten free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, Kfibre can help you regulate your digestive system and resolve any issues such as cramping, bloating and constipation. Made from 100% sugarcane fibre, it is a natural product that guarantees to help increase your fibre intake.

While Kfibre is a great supplement, it is recommended to begin with small doses so you do not trigger any unwanted side effects from using Kfibre. Follow the recommended dosage and increase slowly for the best results. 

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Is 50g of fibre too much?

While it has been reported that consuming too much fibre can be unhealthy for you, such as causing intestinal blockages, 50g of fibre daily is a reasonable amount per day. Just ensure you drink plenty of water alongside your fibre consumption to aid digestion. 

How do you use Kfibre?

Kfibre is an additional boost of fibre that can be added to your meals, and can be added directly to your food and beverages. Kfibre should be added during the end of the cooking process to ensure you obtain the most nutrients. Use one teaspoon of Kfibre per person. 

What happens if you eat too little fibre?

If you neglect fibre from your diet, it can cause issues with your digestive system. Some of the problems from consuming too little fibre include longer digestion periods, which can cause stomach ache. It can also lead to irregular defecation and loose stools. 

Is 80 grams of fibre a day too much?

On average, you should aim to consume a maximum of 70g of fibre per day for optimum results. Therefore, eating 80g of fibre daily can lead to issues with your digestive system and is not recommended for your health.


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