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Dry Body Brushing: Definition, Benefits and Risks

Dry Body Brushing: Definition, Benefits and Risks

We are all looking for ways to look after our skin aren't we? Trying to achieve that enviable glow, wanting smoother skin and a healthier complexion. If this sounds like something you want for your skin, have you considered dry body brushing?

This technique isn't just one to be saved for fancy spa days, you can dry brush your entire body at home in as little as three minutes. That is three minutes to indulge in some real self care for your skin. Read on to find out more about dry body brushing, it's benefits and risks.

Dry Body Brushing Definition, Benefits and Risks

What Is Dry Body Brushing?

Dry body brushing really is as simple as it sounds. It is the process of skin brushing while the skin and the brush are both dry. The brush used is specific for this task and ones with natural bristles are best.

The body is brushed in circular, sweeping motions across the skin's surface, from feet to head, usually before showering. Some people choose to add a little body oil to the brush before dry brushing but this isn't essential and more down to personal preference.

Dry brushing is a new trend as a DIY at home method, however spas have been using it for years. In some cultures, body brushing has been used for centuries as a way to beautify and cleanse the skin.

One of the most appealing things about dry body brushing is that it is relatively cheap (a decent dry body brush costs around $29.99 AUD) and takes less than five minutes of your time, meaning it can easily be fitted into your morning routine.

What Are The Benefits Of Dry Body Brushing?

The benefits of dry body brushing out weigh any risks. Not only will you achieve smooth skin, dry brushing also increases blood flow for increased circulation, removes dead skin cells and  provides an overall sense of well being.

While there have been no formal studies on dry body brushing, it has been agreed by experts to have its many benefits.

Some people believe it can rid the skin of cellulite, but there hasn't been enough research to formally back up the claim. What it can do however, is rid the skin of dead skin resulting in that gorgeous slowing skin we all dream of having.

A lot of people also feel energised and invigorated after a body brushing session. It could be down to the improved circulation or even just the taking time to do something to look after your skin. It is a great way to start the day.

Dry Body Brushing Definition, Benefits and Risks

What Are The Risks Of Dry Body Brushing?

There are really little to no risks involved in using a dry body brush. The only real risk is if you have sensitive skin and are applying too much pressure when dry brushing. Only a light pressure needs to be applied otherwise you may end up with inflamed skin.

Use a good moisturiser or body oil after your shower to lock in skin's moisture after using a dry body brush and preventing dry skin.

How Can I Incorporate It Into My Routine?

Dry body brushing shouldn't take up much of your time at all. Anywhere between 3 -5 minutes spent on the whole body is enough.

It is best to use dry brushing in the morning, before your shower. 2 - 3 times a week is enough but there is no harm in doing it more if you enjoy the process.

Start from the feet and make your way up the body, always working towards the heart. Use circular motions in a clockwise direction, whilst applying just the right amount of pressure. If you are being too rough you will feel a burning sensation on your skin. Dry brushing isn't supposed to hurt, so if it is you are probably applying too much pressure.

The Best Dry Brushes To Try

Dry brush experts recommend a natural bristle brush. These are made from plant sources including cactus bristles! Shopping with an organic pharmacy will ensure you are purchasing a good, brush with natural bristles.

A long handle helps with those tricky to reach areas such as the back. You may also like that this body brush comes with a removable head for ease of use. 

Make sure you are using a separate brush for the face, if you choose to use one at all. For the face, the bristles need to be a lot softer. If you aren't comfortable using a dry body brush for this part of the body, a cleanse with a simple face cloth will work just as well. 

Final Thoughts

Dry body brushing is cheap and easy to do. Once you have bought your body brush there is no need to keep spending money on spa treatments or special cellulite creams. It becomes quite therapeutic too. It may even become the part of your beauty routine that you actually look forward to.

Dry Body Brushing Definition, Benefits and Risks


Some commonly asked questions surrounding dry body brushing: 

How many times a week should you dry brush your skin?

This is really down to personal preference and while there is no right or wrong answer, it is recommended 2 - 3 times a week is sufficient. As long as there is no skin irritation, you can weave this into your beauty regime however often you like.

Do I dry brush before or after my shower?

It is best to dry brush before taking a shower. The bristles exfoliate the skin and taking a shower afterwards will help to wash the dead skin cells away. Make sure the skin is completely dry before starting and it is even more beneficial to body brush in the morning.

How do you dry brush your legs?

When dry brushing your body, it is important to remember to always work towards the heart. Bear this mind when brushing your legs. You need to be using small, circular motions while applying just the right amount of pressure onto your skin.

Not too hard but enough to get your circulation going. Start at the knee, this is where the lymph nodes are, and work your way up to the inside of your thigh and then up to the groin. Then go to your calf and work your way up again before doing a final sweep of foot to groin.

Repeat on the other leg.

Can you dry body brush your armpits?

Your underarm area contains as many as 40 lymph nodes, which work hard to drain excess toxins. You can speed up this natural detoxification process by running a dry brush over the skin.

It is best to brush in downward strokes from the armpit towards the breast.   

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