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$9.50 flat rate shipping. Free shipping for orders over $129 AUD to metro Australia!
101: Effortless and personal presents

101: Effortless and personal presents

All year round there are special days to prepare gifts for. Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day, all theses birthdays and then those just to say thank you and show appreciation.

Just thinking about shopping all those gifts- while others out there might be on the same mission- does sound stressfull. Not to mention we want the present to be unique, personalised and mostly within budget.

Let me tell you the secret of gifting without any stress - you will never do it any other way again.

The secret lies in putting together a beautiful picture of well thought, small presents.

Tea enthusiast all over the world would be more than pleased to experience new flavours, unique blendings and a nice packaging. The English Tea Shop teas are your answer for those gifts. With their maxim to produce the best possible cuppa for the nation and beyond this is what your beloved want to put in their cups. Beautifully designed gift tin boxes with the finest, high-quality teas for your well-being are the perfect all-ready gift to give. You can also choose one of our tea flavours, pair it with a lovely cup and some organic candy for tea time to create your present.

Get to our wide range of The English Tea Shop teas here.

"Only" tea doesn`t feel right for your gift?

How about a wellness basket with our Dr Organic sets and products. All natural ingredients for that luxurious, spa feeling at home. Get a basket, add a rolled towel, maybe a skin brush or loofah sponge and your beloveds favorite cosmetic products. Have a look at all the great Dr Organic cosmetics here. You can treat them with the things they know and love or surprise them with our mini travel packages for a unique new experience. A basket full of self care does sound like a lot of love. And if they also do like tea, add a wellness package to double that relaxing feeling.

Self care, that rings another gift bell.

There are these people who just seem to have everything. Whatever they want, their favorite tea, those great natural cosmetics, they buy them for themselves. Not that it`s a bad thing but what do we give them as presents??

Food might not be number 1 on the list of gift ideas but it is perfect for those who seem to already have it all. Everybody needs to eat. A healthy food basket with all of natures goodness because caring for the health of our beloved is a great gift and shows our love big time.


Grab that basket ,or maybe a cooking pot or pan, and fill it with delicious Quinoa, nutritious Buckwheat, superfood Chia seeds, crunchy coconut chips,organic spices and some fresh fruits and veggies. Add a wooden spoon and some handwritten new recipes for your packed ingredients and you are ready for gifting. Buy our AOP Pantry series right here. I would definitely be more than happy with a basket full of organic goodies to dive in.

So you don`t have to go out there and join the stressed crowds, why not order online. Australian Organic Products + More has a wide range of products for all different kind of present ideas. Start exploring the world of natural cosmetics, organic food and ecological home items. There is no limitation to create those personal gifts for your loved ones with a few clicks. Go to our website now and get in the gifting mood. 

Have fun putting together your perfect gifts and remember: It is always about the thought you have put into. Your beloved will appreciate it.

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