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Conventional Feminine Hygiene vs Organic Hygiene Products (Tampons and Pads)

Conventional Feminine Hygiene vs Organic Hygiene Products (Tampons and Pads)

The Conventional Feminine Hygiene Products

Yes, there are times we don't mind getting ourselves dirty, running for a good cause is one of them. However, there is also 'the time of the month' when we most definitely want to stay clean, feel comfortable with ourself and most importantly, know what we are putting on (or into) our body.

So let's get straight to it; The conventional sanitary pads and tampons are made of petroleum-based plastic, synthetic fibres, and chlorine bleached wood pulp that release toxic dioxins. This leads to various allergies, causing reproductive, developmental, and immunity related problems.

The infamous Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) may occur due to the use of conventional tampons. It is a rare bacterial infection that gives rise to risk factors like wounds and surgery.

Synthetic fibres that make up modern sanitary products induce a warm and damp microclimate in the nether area which increases the risk of irritation, vaginitis and soreness.

Benefits Of Organic Feminine Hygiene Products

The benefits of using organic products are many. First off, organic hygiene products are made up of 100% organic cotton and are free of chemical additives, chlorine, plastic, synthetic materials, fragrance chemicals, or dyes. Being sourced from plant materials they are devoid of polyacrylate, polypropylene and polyethylene and thus, are biodegradable and compostable. Their production and disposal do not release any harsh chemicals. The oxygen bleaching process employed to purify organic cotton is very safe for the environment.

Natural organic pads and tampons are made of totally chlorine-free fluffed wood cellulose, corn starch from GMO-free corn and 100% pure organic cotton. Additionally, they do not contain any trace of pesticides which are extremely harmful to the body.

Competitively Priced

Organic pads and tampons are competitively priced and prove economical in the long run. Plus, you save tons of money on numerous possible health issues that are evaded by this safer and healthier alternative.

Australian Organic Products + More offers the ranges of the two most popular brands:

Natracare and TOM, now both these brands use organic cotton and get a thumbs up from us!

Perfect for sensitive skin

Organic cotton products are softer and allow adequate airflow that help reduce the risk of thrush and other similar irritations. It is also highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Thankfully, due to increased awareness, many people are now switching to greener and healthier options including women’s hygiene products. Organic products are available on Australian Organic Products that stocks tampons, pads, and liners from a variety of brands.

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