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ALTER ECO Organic Dark Mint Chocolate 80g


Type: Chocolate

Alter Eco Organic Dark Mint Chocolate is bittersweet and refreshingly intense. This chocolate is a real treat for your taste buds and for the cocoa farmers too! Alter Eco use the finest ingredients grown and selected by their farming partners in Bolivia and Paraguay which are then crafted with passion by a master chocolatier in Switzerland.

Alter Eco Organic Dark Mint Chocolate is 100% natural and contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners. The small-scale farmers of the El Ceibo cooperative cultivate cocoa crops using traditional farming techniques that produce the finest organic cocoa. The very best cocoa beans are selected and combined with organic unrefined cane sugar to make this deliciously rich bittersweet dark chocolate.

All of Alter Eco's chocolates are Fair Trade Certified. This means that the farmers who grew the ingredients were paid a better, more stable price for their crops than in conventional trade. In order to help the farmers sell directly, the El Ceibo cooperative has invested, with the help of Alter Eco, in equipment to process and transport their cocoa. By selling on Fair Trade terms, the farmers are able to invest in high-quality production, increase their incomes and improve their living standards. El Ceibo benefits 800 families in the Bolivian Amazon.

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