AMAZING OILS Organic Magnesium Bath Flakes 800g


Type: Bath

AMAZING OILS Magnesium Bath Flakes Magnesium Chloride 800g

Magnesium bath flakes are a form of transdermal magnesium, a method of mineral supplementation designed to deliver magnesium through the skin for rapid absorption into the cells.

Dissolved in warm water, magnesium chloride flakes provide a medicinal bath of cell-restoring highly soluble magnesium chloride.

Soaking in magnesium salts has been shown to markedly improve skin hydration, speed wound healing, enhance skin barrier function, and decrease inflammation.

Simply dissolve 1-3 cups or more of the magnesium flakes into a warm, but not hot, footbath or tub bath, and soak for 30 minutes or more.

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